2014 Adrenalin Kupa – Sólyom Team MSE

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Hi Évi! Are we on air? Not yet? Then I’m not so happy about you… what could change, don’t be kidding! Why, why, why? 40 seconds? I have 40 seconds more with you? Huuuuuuhhhhhh! They told 40 seconds! How many of that passed? Ah! I’m much bigger guy than just sitting here and waiting! In the first special today we had a very very good drive. We experienced that the tracks are so destroyed by now that actually they function as vibro-plate. The second special we enjoyed a lot! That was extremely good! In the second round we went out to the shorter special where the rain started pouring. We had no mud tyres on but G1, plus because of the rain our windscreen became so misty that we didn’t see anything at all. As the rain didn’t stop, we decided not to break the car, so we went straight to the parc ferme. We are very happy because we scored valuable championship points by finishing in secure 4th position. The result can still change because we are just getting news about damaged cars and falling trees in the last special. We’ll see what will be the final classification! The important is that we had forfait! We try to reach the service park somehow! Either at the car wash, or somewhere on the road we’ll meet the trailer! This is all! Nothing more is to be said! OK-OK!

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