2019 Medication Update for Severe Eczema, Allergies, & Asthma Treatment | Ep.222

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I was dealing with I was dealing with
severe nausea most of last year so I just couldn’t make the trip out here
I even got on the freeway a couple times and just had to turn back so making it
to the airport here at the parking lot is a big deal all right I checked in one
more step closer to you getting on the plane sweet path security I know it’s
probably getting a little bit annoying that I’m recording every little bit of
the check-in process but last year I couldn’t do it so to me it’s a big deal
that I’m able to be here this year and do it and make this trip happen three
times I didn’t get on the flight I didn’t make it to you how to see my
doctors so the car rental place messed up and I ended up with this pickup truck
I’ve never driven a pickup truck before so it’s gonna be a fun trip all right and for the main event Monday
morning here at the University of Utah Medical Center to meet with my research
doctors wait okay now from the beginning what’s up? It’s Jeffrey Lin. welcome back to my
channel so as you can see I’m back at home in LA now it’s actually been two
weeks since my Utah medical trip I’ve just been busy doing some family stuff
so it happened had a chance to finish this Utah medical trip update video but
as a lot of you guys pointed out I am doing much better and my doctors felt
that way so there’s actually not a whole lot of updating to do so I thought I’d
talk about all of the medications I’m using and just do a quick summary about
that because it’s been a while since I did a full rundown of the medications
and the treatments that I do usually I do a video about each individual
treatment and diving deeper into those so I’ll just do a comprehensive overview
of what I’m doing for my severe eczema my severe allergies and asthma the foundation what’s been keeping me
doing well for the last 11 years has been the immunosuppressant Cyclosporine
and if you go through my youtube videos you’ll see I’ve tried all of the major
immunosuppressants such as Cellcept and Methotrexate and mu ran
so all these general immunosuppressants including Cyclosporine help calm the
inflammations that happen because of all our immune related diseases including
eczema and allergies and asthma asthma is inflammation of the lungs and the
airways and skin you would have inflammation and reactions of the skin
and layers underneath and allergies you’ve have inflammation all over the
body inside even some has in your nervous system so a general
immunosuppressant is like a broad hammer that strikes down all of these things
instead of targeting each individual symptom and problem but
immunosuppressants do have a lot of negative side effects they’re very toxic
so they do damage your liver and kidneys Cyclosporine also increases my blood
pressure and makes me depressed so it has not been fun 11 years but it cleared
away most of my leaky yellow nasty wet eczema allowed me to sleep allow me to
rest so overall it’s positive so usually immunosuppressive like these are only
used for like three months to maybe a year because they are so toxic so for
the past 11 years I’ve been trying to get off of Cyclosporine which is why I
try so many of the other treatments including other immunosuppressants as
well as biologics (MABs) such as Xolair Nucala, Omalizumab, and Dupixent (Dupilumab) so that’s why I’ve been taking some
any risks to try those medications is because felt like the risk of using
immunosuppressants for too long is even greater however I’ve been able to use
cyclosporine for so long because I use about half the dose that’s recommended
for my body weight and that’s a recurring theme with how I use
medications for myself is I know there aren’t cures for eczema and the severe
allergies that I have so I’m not gonna use the full dose and try to get over it
a lot of people just want their disease or symptoms to be over and they just use
as much medications as it’s possible to try to get over that but with chronic
diseases like these it’s more of a marathon and so try to use as little
medication as possible while still getting an effect so that I can last
longer and hopefully survive till a day when a real cure is available and then
go all in on that but I don’t want to go all in on any medication that’s toxic
and more likely to destroy my body than be a cure and obviously the thing that’s helping
the most and that opposed to most videos about is Dupixent was supposed to
be a cure for eczema it’s not quite that but it is still a miracle drug my skin
feels the best that it’s ever been and it feels much better than any other
eczema treatment or augment can ever do because Dupixent and your skin does
become natural normal it’s not just medications covering up the eczema it’s
actually the skin becoming normal so why do I still use cyclosporine if Dupixent
is working so well? Cyclosporine now is mostly for the asthma and allergies
since again I’m allergic to literally everything on the planet
so I need cyclosporine to lower my immune responses to everything in the
planet so that I’m able to go outside and do things without being triggered
without having everything in the world triggering an anaphylactic allergic
reaction but do pix it is holding its own and doing all the healing for the
eczema and it’s also helping my asthma a bit it’s not as effective for asthma so
that’s why I still need the Cyclosporine but the problem with still
having to depend on cyclosporine for allergies and asthma is I don’t know
fully how well do pics it would work on its own because if I stop seconds for
and my allergies would overwhelm me and I would die pretty soon from just being
triggered by one or millions of reactions so I never had just Dupixent on its own so I don’t know how well Dupixent will work for me
because I know Cyclosprorine also calms down the eczema and skin inflammations a
bit so the skin that you see now is a mixture of the improvements from depicts
it and some from cyclosporine all right the next
medications deal with mast cells which produces the histamines that causes the
inflammation and the allergic reactions the first thing that’s helped a lot is
Cromolyn which is a mast cell stabilizer mast
cells produce a histamines that caused the inflammations whether if it’s on
your skin for hives and breakouts or the inflammation in my lungs for the asthma
and even inflammation in your gut we have digestive problems and various
other you know stomach gut issues even inflammation in the brain could be
caused by mast cells in histamines so Cromolyn stabilizes the mast cells makes
it more normal so that yeah you’re just not overreacting to triggers in the
environment when I first started Cromolyn a couple of years ago it didn’t work and
then my doctors came back to it again when I was feeling a bit better they
really pushed me to try it again and I’m really grateful they did because the
second time I tried Cromolyn in it allowed me to eat a lot more foods so my
allergic reactions were a little bit lower
I still reacted to them but I could at least tolerate the foods and my asthma
got better so it calmed down the inflammation in my lungs and Airways and
even my eyesight got better so apparently there are some inflammation
in my eye or sinuses surrounding the eyes that was causing my vision to be
not as good as it could be so Cromolyn helped with all that and I
still take the full dose several years later take it everyday they’re little they’re little vials like this that you
add to water and you take it before each meal so so take this every day next we
have the histamines we’ll go with the h1 histamines first h1 histamines are
what you typically think of as with you know sneezing runny nose itchy eyes that
kind of allergic reaction the springtime kind of allergic reaction the first one
I use every day is cetirizine which is the generic for Zyrtec
and recently I’ve added Fexofenadine which is the generic for allegra
and adding fexofenadine has been another game-changer that’s helped improve my
condition if you remember most of last year I was having severe nausea problems
and somehow I figured it out that it was because of my sinuses being swollen it
and just causing problems with my in a year which is how your body balance is
so I tried a whole bunch of other antihistamines and Allegra fexofenadine
was able to calm that down a lot and it’s also helped my asthma a lot so
using zyrtec cetirizine in combination with fexofenadine Allegra has been a big
game-changer for me at the end of last year into this year alright moving on to
h2 antihistamines which you typically think of as acid controllers the one I
still take every day is Famotidine which is pepcid and these will block the
histamines that’s more common in your gut but also in your skin and some other
places so still take this every day so the newest medication of added to my
treatment regimen is something called low dose naltrexone which is just a very
low dose of the medication naltrexone oddly enough it doesn’t work the same
way as when you use a regular higher dose of Naltrexone so I’ll do a
separate video on why it’s working and how it’s working I’m still in the phase
of testing it it’s been about three weeks since I’ve started testing it but
I’ve had quite amazing results mentally I’m in
law clear so all the depression and the brain fog that Cyclosporine causes
that’s gone and if you look at my recent videos I think you can just feel the
energy that I can put out versus the earlier ones where you know zombie and
probably feel like I’m gonna die but the bodo snow truck scene was really
good at is immune and auto immune related inflammations which I have a ton
of so you know thanks to a big shout out to Melissa my good friend on Instagram
who actually found me through my youtube channel she is also a fellow chronic
illness sufferer and she stumbled upon the research for a low dose naltrexone
and seems quite amazing and since starting it my food allergies have
dropped a lot I’ve been able to eat chicken without flaring up where usually
if I eat chicken all flare for three weeks and obviously there are tons and
tons of other foods and things I’m allergic to but just try it with chicken
and rice and the old truck zone is holding its own there’s a lot to go into
about low dose naltrexone I don’t want to jump the gun on it and tell you guys
more than I’m ready to share after having tested everything on my own body
first so I’ll do a separate video in a couple weeks moving on to topical ointments as I’ve
mentioned in the bathing video because of Dupixent and I don’t have to use much
if any of these topical steroids anymore but occasionally there are flare-ups
because I am still reacting to literally everything in the world so it’s not that
depicts it isn’t working it’s just like my body keeps on getting attacked so
when I do get a flare-up the common Desonide is good for the face which is
what I use triamcinolone is common for the body it’s a stronger one for the
body but it’s not the strongest and fluo Fluocinonide is the strongest for the
body do not use this on the face and use as little bit of it as possible you know
why I need topical steroid withdrawal but also with this just like with the
cyclosporine I use a tiny tiny bit because I know how much steroids can
damage my skin so I use as little bit of it as possible even if there’s still
some redness and rashes I’m okay with having a little bit of discomfort
instead of having the topical steroids backfire and destroying my skin with
topical steroid withdrawal so you just gotta find that balance but I would say
be okay with taking a little bit more of discomfort so that the medications don’t
destroy you as far as crease as far as skin creams go
my favorite is CeraVe for the daytime I use this on my body and although my face
it’s not as thick as VaniCream which I use after bathing because I already have
a lot of moisture on the body mixing in a thicker cream it’s good for sealing in
the moisture from the bath for asthma
treatments the Dulera steroid inhalers for preventive I use this twice a day
and if I’m really having a bad asthma attack albuterol nebulizer and I also
add a bit of a ipratropium I do one albuterol vial with one ipratropium
vial for each breathing treatment with the nebulizer machine pump so so yeah
that’s all the medications I’m doing now not too bad right yeah it’s a big table
full of medications that I have right here but you gotta look at it sort of
like a portfolio guess see like what’s safe and what’s risky and I feel like
over the years I’ve slowly shifted things to being safer and that I can use
longer without damaging my body again so I’m thinking of this as a marathon I’m
not trying to cure myself with using a ton of any one medication I’m trying to
minimize the symptoms with as few side effects as possible so that I can last
longer and wait till a day when real cure comes out and that strategy has
worked really good for me so far I’ve waited 36 years all my life for
Dupixent to come out and it finally has and it is a big game-changer it has not
just heal my skin but also heal my tendinitis and a lot of the inflammation
and people were asking me about my brain fog so do pixon has helped cleared up my
mind a bit too I don’t know if you pick scent is specifically designed to do all
those things or if just fixing my eczema because I did have full eczema
head-to-toe the skin is the biggest organ and it just requires so much
energy for you to fight and for you to peel off all the nutrients from the
eczema and and if that pretty moisture from your skin that it is exhausting it
your body will shut down so once you pick scent heal the
skin and my body like rebooted I feel like a lot of the other systems in my
body to start healing itself and I don’t know if it’s directly because Dupixent
or just because my body finally has the resources and then the energy to you
know fix these other systems in my body so hope that was helpful I’m getting
ready to head out to the Netherlands again sir my therapeutic getaway from
the LA smog and stuff hopefully in the next video will be from Europe so I need
to put on some medical signs for my breathing mass so people don’t think I
do graffiti or something because that’s usually what people think or that I’m a
construction worker I want to let them know that I’m wearing it because I am
feeling pretty sick and they really need to be careful around me so here we go
with the see how this works tada alright if everything goes well see you
guys in Europe

6 thoughts on “2019 Medication Update for Severe Eczema, Allergies, & Asthma Treatment | Ep.222

  1. Good to hear from you again.
    Do you take supplements?
    And what kinda diet you are on?
    I was told that the itch will get worse if there's a full moon due to the bacteria being more active.
    Is this your experience?
    Take care always.

  2. Seeing you travel is inspirational, I feel your struggle with suffering with ezcema. The sun is my biggest trigger and it makes me feel like a vampire. Ive been getting back-to-back ezcema flares and just being sick (with a virus or bacteria) 😞 it's exhausting. I miss travelling… I need a vacation from being sick haha.
    😃 & hey, have you tried an anti inflammatory diet? I've been trying it lately and I think it's helping… It's only been a few weeks and I just passed the detox withdrawals (I think I have, I hope I have at least)

  3. Jeffery, I understand your situation may be different. I am wondering if you have looked into using negative ion clothing to help improve your immune system and your circulation which helps to put all your hormones and organs to function properly, then your body fixes itself. I have been using these clothing (full set form hat to shirts to pants to socks and blankets) for the past 4 months. It is invented by the Japanese. Most people have not heard of it including myself before I started. If you are interested I can tell you some more but I have been improving much quicker than before with the help of these clothing on top of continuing with my lifestyle changed. I am no longer depressed. I am out and about running around like before I was sick. I am not completely healed yet but can almost live the same way I use to before I was covered in eczema from head to toe (started 3 years ago). I was told the first 6 months is the detox months, the condition might go worse first than gets better. My eczema did go worse but not very bad at all. I know my skin is doing much better also due to the temperature is much warmer in summer, I really have to see how my skin do when winter arrives again.
    I am not saying to stop all other treatments, instead, use the clothing as a tool to cut back the side effects. Eventually, if your body responds well to the clothing (most people do on the testimonies I saw), you should be able to slowly cut back on any drugs and finally not needing drugs anymore. Even not completely off drugs, if it helps you to use much fewer drugs or having less suffering from the side effect, it is already a winner. I don't want to hard-sell here. If you want to know more, let me know.
    I should have waited to see full healing results before telling you anything but it hurts when you see someone suffering which you think something might be able to help. Anyways, let me know if you are interested. Please take care. I will be praying for you.

  4. hang in there man.. I really hope you get better. Thanks for sharing your journey on Youtube. I learn a lot from your experiences and they help in my battle against my symptoms.

    I was wondering though, how your symptoms developed in the first place. Was it due to second-hand smoking? I am sure that that was what had a impact on me early on. Or is it just genetic?


  5. Did you ever have antibodies or no luck with the dupixent? My dupixent experience worked well for my body the 1st time I was on it for about a year, after month 3 or so..but then I went off of it for my face because it was brutally killing my eyes, and then trying to go back on Dupixent it doesn't seem to be effective.

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