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According to a new poll by Gallop, roughly
25% of people in this country have had to put off serious medical care because they
simply cannot afford it. So one in four Americans have admitted that
at some point in recent years they have had to put off medical care for a serious condition
because they simply haven’t been able to afford it. This is the highest number of people in this
country who have ever said this, who’ve ever said, I’ve had to put it off since Gallup
started asking this question back in 2001 we have seen a 14 point increase in the last
18 years in the number of people who say, yes, I can’t afford it, so I have put it off. Even though it was a very serious medical
condition. We all know someone who has done that and
if you don’t allow me to introduce myself, my name is Farron Cousins and I have put off
care because I can’t afford it for the past two months. Let me go ahead and put it this way. The last two months I’ve been without an asthma
inhaler that I typically have to take every day. I haven’t had one in two months. Why? Because it costs nearly $300 a month and I
simply cannot afford that anymore. I’ve run out of money on my FSA, my little
flex card that gets preloaded each year. Money comes out of my paycheck, put it on
there. There’s nothing left. But because that FSA card doesn’t get loaded
with the full deductible amount, the next $3,000 I spend before the end of the year
is straight up out of pocket. I can’t do that. I haven’t refilled my kids expired EpiPens
in the last four months because that’s $1,300 that I don’t have, so I’m walking around with
my kids, two of them with severe peanut allergies with an expired EpiPen and a bottle of Benadryl
hoping to God I don’t have to use them. My story is not unique. One in four people in this country are going
through similar types of things. Kyle Kalinsky, told a very heartbreaking story
on Twitter the other day about it. Other progressive hosts have told stories
about it, their personal experience or their family members experience. Folks, even we are going through this with
you. We are not some kind of elite, wealthy, super
rich people who don’t have these problems. No. That’s why we’re some of the best people to
sit here and talk with you about these problems because we’re going through them too, and
if we’re not now than we have in the past. I mean, I can’t speak to the financial situation
of everybody on the left, but I can’t speak to my own and I believe in being perfectly
honest with you. I can’t afford my medication and 25% of people
in this country are in the same boat as me. There is literally only one solution, one,
and that solution is Medicare for all a universal healthcare plan that covers every single person
in this country and yes, corporate Democrats, even the rich, we’re going to give rich people
healthcare for free too because everybody deserves to be on the same playing field. Everybody deserves the same benefits, whether
you’re living on the streets or living in one of your half dozen mansion’s, you get
healthcare coverage and you pay $0 at the point of service. That is the only way to fix this dysfunctional
and corrupt healthcare system that we have operating in America today.

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