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hello this robert smith i’m here in new york and behind me i don’t know if you can see it but the Statute of Liberty is right here and what I’d like to do is share with you a couple of ideas around allergies I was in I just came from Colorado Denver and I was sitting across some friends and I was getting ready I think I ordered some seafood or shrimp or something and she said I have a terrible allergy reaction to shrimp and she said even she started describing the feeling in her mouth and what it would swell up and all these emotions around shrimp and I said well it could help with allergies because it is an allergy and here’s something really interesting as well people who have allergic reactions can start to feel the allergic reaction by merely thinking about eating or experiencing whatever that food is or substance so I began to explain to her about how react allergies work I was in Wichita Kansas giving a seminar and a lady had flown in from Houston and she had a horrible horrible reaction to milk product she says it does phorbol things inside my body I like milk I love milk but it doesn’t love me and I said well won’t you come on up so we can dress this so she’s sitting in the chair the magic chair and I began to explain to the audience how I see allergies work and it’s kind of like this it’s kind of like you’re sitting at the dinner table for example and dad comes in and yells at you or you heard bad news or some emotional experience happens at the dinner table at the unconscious level your mind will make an association to the flavor the taste or the sensation of that food and so then I turned to look at her and all of a sudden you can see that there’s tears and she’s boohoo and I said what’s going on she goes well my father he’s a he’s a milk farmer as we were growing up and he’s you know had all these dairy cows and we’re sitting at the dinner table and while we’re sitting at the dinner table he’s angry and he’s fortunate us to drink the milk and the milk was sour I said interesting and so we started to address her her emotional relationship with her father and we started to address after we address all the emotions in around her father then we started to address – we started addressing what it felt like in the body when she experiences the milk or whatever so every part and every piece would clean all this up and here’s something really bizarre she went back home 3 3 3 4 5 weeks a month later I’m not sure how long later it was she called me or wrote me an email she said my husband is totally amazed my real urge acree action the milk is gone I can eat it cheese or cheesecake whatever no reaction and then two or three years later she shows up in Oklahoma City when I’m giving a seminar weight-loss seminar and she said you know that allergy reaction all came back I said really come on up sit in the chair the first question I asked her how is your father she starts to crying her father was actually in the hospital dying of a heart attack or cancer or something and so then we started dressing the emotions around her father and those experiences and went back in addressing the body’s reaction to whatever the product or what it’s amazing how the mind will create its associations and so so here it is I’m in Oklahoma City I’m giving me a seminar and we’re talking about allergies and reactions and I started seeing a client now the client we went working with some major emotional experiences you know car wrecks claustrophobic experiences pillow over the face experiences because she had two severe asthma problem and then one day she came in she said on my chair in the office and she goes cure my asthma I said well okay we see what we can do so we started addressing all the emotions feelings and sensations about suffocation having no control and she had severe adult asthma I mean by 18 years asthma half of purifiers in her car she couldn’t leave she couldn’t go anywhere inhalers and everything for 18 years that one session we cleaned it up her asthma was gone completely gone and it was and in three years later I was at a health fair and she walked in she goes Robert I was just thinking about you I was missing the plants and I knew you I used to have as my experiences when I do that it’s gone so here it is that lady sitting right in front of me she goes well you know when I was a little girl my father would take me fishing he was a fisherman and he would have this little ice chest a little shrimp and I would dump him out and I say go away shrimp ‘yes and she would see her father bashing fish in the head and she would try to let him go and so all this emotional stuff in and around fish shrimp and all the emotions and so what she didn’t say hey don’t you come to our apartment we’ll clean it up and we’ll see what happened it is amazing how our emotions play the biggest role in our body’s reaction allergies are really your mind and your body work together but it’s really the body’s reaction to based on the emotions built behind it so if how do you address your allergies what if you have no memories by the way when we started working on the allergies sometimes we just address how it makes you feel in and around and you taste it to smell it your biggest fear around the allergy and you start cleaning it up and as you start cleaning it up all of a sudden your body heals your mind shifts and yes you can be wise with how you do it eat whatever it is there are so many people that I worked with allergies I think Linda Linda SR you see her she’s on one of the videos she had a horrible reaction to cooked or any type of onions now it’s gone another person had a here’s another bizarre story with allergies as severe peanut reaction I mean it would kill her she said even thinking about the peanut she’d have us physical reaction and this physical reaction we started with around peanuts about death of dying or whatever this is we started dressing the peanut experience then all of a sudden memories start pumping in her mind and her aunt comes to mind now her aunt she’s in a wheelchair she was kind of a mean aunt apparently and the interesting thing about DeSantis she ate what peanuts and she didn’t had this one memory where they asked on a header with a rolling pin and guess what’s on the end of it looks kind of like a peanut so a lot of times if there are emotional attachment so I said well what if you’re born with an allergy I don’t know but I’m sure the mind has a great ability to heal itself so what did you address that part so address your allergies address the emotions and feelings in and around it and then you may even free yourself from the allergic reaction there’s always emotional attachments clear out the emotions clear out how you feel about it even if you have no idea any memory attached to it go to what you do know and that is the feeling the emotion and the sensation so true Liberty is truly letting go of everything that holds you back Trulli you this is Robert Smith here in New York keep on tapping on you and we’ll check you later

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