4 Ways to allow negative people in your life with allergies

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just how to allow negative people in your life hey everyone it’s barbara here Or Nickely Challenged and yeah just wanted to do a mental-health series because I know mentally how good we are mentally we do better to ourselves so the first thing would be have a person be sarcastic all the time about your allergy oh! Barbara you are always sick oh! Barbara why are you always complaining oh Barbara we know you are allergic let’s not have that and have people like oh how can we make it better or have you tried this or let’s brainstorm like let’s replace those people with other people you cannot change people ok who always make fun of your allergy true story we had a potluck I know for myself I don’t need to be able to eat the foods to feel like included i’ll just bring my own food and then have other people enjoy it but I had a co-worker intentionally call me there to look at the food and be like can you eat this you know I can’t eat this he is like I’m just teasing you and I’m like you know that’s bullying stop bullying me and he’s like I’m teasing you exactly bullying he … since then we haven’t talked because he doesn’t know how not to tease me when he’s around me Bye Felicia so that’s a no-no in my life don’t tease me because of my allergy I don’t talk about allergy in a derogatory way neither should you don’t allow people to talk about your allergy in a derogatory way don’t allow yourself to talk about about your allergy in a derogatory way people who deny it yeah just basically people who deny it I understand if you with family is very hard to deal with that and if you can’t leave it’s very hard to deal with that I just I have had that in my life I think if you have any person who denies your allergy and if you have a food allergy they’re not allowed to cook for you that was one draw had with my family when… there were just a couple incidences I think for me I have really bad fatigue it’s part of the systemic nickel allergy syndrome and my sister ended up putting tap water in my food for a month I was on I was in summer school so it’s very hard and I was like why I am I waking up for four hours and going back to sleep is it was just a lot and then with when I was in Kenya my mom cooking for me and just people cooking for me demanding to cook for me as you’re hurting me saying, oh! I am sorry I didn’t know” whatever and one-time I ended up sleeping for 18 hours I couldn’t get up and I was just like no y’all are not allowed to cook for me because this is not funny like you’re intentionally hurting me premeditated murder like what is wrong with y’all because one time my immune system is going to be like peace I’m not deal with this we already talked that we can’t eat this food So… all you’ll have for me is “I didn’t know,” “oh! I’m sorry” no you’re not allowed you’re not i’m not giving you that much responsibility on my life because you will not rise to the occasion no matter what title they are cut them off you know what I mean people demanding you to get off your allergy when you’re going to social events don’t have those people in your life if they can’t acknowledge you being allergic to something because there are other people around there are ashamed of you and that brings shame to yourself At the end of the day I can’t do anything about who I am as a person and my allergy is who I am as a person but I can do everything about me having an environment that will make me like myself as a person myself as a person because your body hasn’t failed you people have and remove the people who don’t have any stamina for life who have no flexibility in their mind to be able to look at somebody and not pity them and be in the journey with them without trying to fix them so, with that being said love, hugs and an itch free life (kisses)

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