4 Your Health: Family life impacts kids with Asthma

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for your health the new research reveals the importance of family for children with asthma who live in dangerous neighborhoods the study from Northwestern University tracked over 300 children with asthma across Chicago those who live in disorderly areas had fewer symptoms and better lung function if they had strong family relationships experts suggest families can help children manage their asthma despite their surroundings well a new study finds both blood pressure numbers predict a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke the findings challenge the long-held belief that only the systolic blood pressure the top number that effects the heart health researchers from a Kaiser Permanente looked at 36 million readings from over 1 million people they found that while systolic pressure did have a greater impact both numbers strongly influenced the risk of heart attack or stroke and about 1 in 20 people are affected by a preventable harm while in medical care that’s according to a new study of over 330 thousand patients across the world most preventable harms were related to medications and invasive procedures and were more common in surgical and intensive care units about 12% of incidents were severe causing prolonged permanent disability or even death

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