5 adrenalin-fueled activities in Vienna for adventure seekers – VIENNA/NOW Top Picks

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a slow pace of travel is definitely not
everyone’s style and if you’re like me and you enjoy some high adrenaline fun
while you explore then Vienna has more than enough activities for you to get
your fix right now we’re at spider rock where you can do things such as feed
bloating you can take a power fan or you can do this and here’s our pick for the
best places to find action in Vienna this one is for all the speed freaks out
there at spider Rock you can take a nice little ride on the Danube in a really
fast speedboat or hop onto the 380 meter long flying fox and experience what it’s
like to be Superman or superwoman this former anti-aircraft tower or Aflac poem
is home to a public aquarium called house of the sea it’s an enormous
building which you can climb with more than 4,000 holds the flap drone climbing
wall provides twenty routes with different difficulty levels collenberg
forest rope park is Vienna’s largest climbing garden on 15 courses with three
difficulty levels it offers fun action and fantastic views
right in the Vienna Woods want to go rafting without leaving the
city then for blue water arena is for you this white water canal and Danube
island offers different levels of difficulty for kayaks rafts tubes and
whitewater swimmers on a total length of 250 meters ok
Vienna’s famous plateau might not be an insider’s tip but this action-packed
amusement park should never ever be missed more than 250 attractions provide
entertainment for everybody make sure to check out prostitute on a merry-go-round
almost 100 meters up or one of the many exciting rollercoasters The Hulk shall

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