5 Back to School Tips with Food Allergies

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Hey, everyone! It’s Barbara here or Nickely Challenged and umm … Yeah! Today I woke up and then did my makeup, ate breakfast, took some coffee and then was exhausted because I woke up, so I took a nap. Goals! Right! These are some of the things that I learned having a food allergy when I went back to college (burp) excuse me, so lady like so lady like. So you don’t learn it the hard way like I did. So tip number one: umm… You are different Plain and simple you are different. Embrace it because at the end of the day your body will not respond to the world like normal people’s bodies respond to the world. there are certain foods you cannot eat and there certain foods you can. which ever works. It’s not a bad thing just because you have a food allergy doesn’t mean you should feel ashamed or whatever. Number two, number two you are kind of socially crippled, and did talk to my brother about this and he was like “no you are not” and I am like “well, yeah kind of, yeah you are.” I think if you have to remove eating out then you are socially crippled eating out is as much is for the food as the social experiment… experiment? experience. I always tell my brother I have social anxiety when it comes to when I am centered around food. ust because I don’t know how the other people are going to react. There are just a couple of people who deal with your food allergy differently. The ones who don’t care which I am fine with, at least care a little bit. And others who overcompensate because you cannot eat out and others who pity you like “Oh! my God I feel so bad.” I am like, “(sigh) that’s why, why am I hear right now.” I guess my brother would say I’ve talking disorder. Talking disorder. Protect your mental health don’t go to places where you are meeting new people when it’s surrounded by food. Just because you are going to be the topic of conversation and you are going to literally leave there depressed and thinking what’s wrong with me and stuff like that. How some people without food allergies think: Because at the end of the day why go to a place where there is food, you know and people are going to be like why come. And I am like the social experience. Go out to social events with friends who can help you Number three: Have supportive people and when I say supportive people, I don’t limit it to friends it’s not It’s very limitless (mumble) limitless. Saying family, anyone. I think with me, I really have a problem with this because literally it was just so mind boggling and I had friends, I lost a friend who I was friends with for like years because apparently my food allergy was causing her more discomfort than me. Let’s take a minute and swallow that like really, no pun intended but like really I have to meal plan everyday, I can’t do spontaneous things, I think that was the problem. If your food allergy makes you lose friends, it is what it is and even family members, I know it’s hard, I had a hard time I even think my family are not as supportive as they need to be, but I mean what are you going to do Number four: Use your resources Like I said I went to Hampton University, (groan) I am groaning because I swear that school doesn’t care about it’s students that’s just my two cents and I was on the meal plan and I had to leave campus. If you leave on campus you have to be on the meal plan I got a letter to get off the meal plan because stainless steel, I can’t eat out or I can’t go to the cafe and stuff, they still took my money because you know FAFSA (student loans) they already pay ahead of time, and they still wouldn’t get me off so paid $4000 dollars for that time and then my mom and dad had to give me money off pocket to eat, but ah whatever Make sure that if you leave on campus, you get off the meal plan and if you can’t and you are a freshman; I just advise the parents if you are listening to this Your child health it more important than them being on campus and trust me if you are putting things in your body that you are allergic to it does affect your grades I also forgot to tell you that if you had other allergies other than food allergies that you are always in contact with it like nickel that’s everywhere and you are always fatigues and stuff like that then you can go to your school disability or something about disability that will make you hand in assignments and get extra time on tests and stuff and I know my sister went to Syracuse, so there was a nutritionist so use your resources with that there is counseling because food allergies is a mental thing so just go get help when you are transitioning from eating out and all that stuff to not eating out a lot that is a huge transition in your whole entire life, and literally, it’s making It’s just, you kind of view your body differently and you definitely feel like there is something wrong with you and stuff like that. If you have a nickel allergy there is a nickel allergy group I’ll link it down below but there are other groups for food allergy and just join, join other people with what you are deal with because it’s its a lot. Number five: I don’t know if it’s counterproductive but you can do anything I know you are different. The way your body responses to the world shouldn’t be the way you respond to the world. I was a McNair Scholar and I, at the University of Rochester. Which I love

5 thoughts on “5 Back to School Tips with Food Allergies

  1. My kid is allergic to food dye it's tricky because it's not one that schools accommodate very Halloween valentines and Easter all SUCK

  2. Thanks for these tips…we have to get adjusted to some of these…my son has food allergies and NO one else in our family has food allergies, so it is heartbreaking to some degree.

  3. Great tips! I have psoriasis so I need to try to stay away from gluten. I know how much of a pain it can be to have to read ingredients in everything you buy. I will definitely need to share this video. Thanks 🙂

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