5 Best Essential Oils for Allergies | DIY Spring Blend

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(Wait, should we have a catch phrase?) Oh, oh!
I wanted to say… What was it? We should do something like “it’s your double dose
of Erika and Danielle”. Something like that but we’ll Wait, double dose? I don’t get it. Double dose, like double dosage.
Like, double trouble, you know? But if it’s double dose of Erica and Danielle that’d be Erika Danielle and Erika and Danielle… Oh, sorry… Hi guys, welcome to YesWellness.com. My name is Danielle and I’m our social media specialist. And I’m Erika, I’m
the storefront specialist. In today’s video we have a super exciting topic to share
with you. We’re gonna be discussing essential oils for allergies and sharing
a few blends that you can use to help ease your allergy symptoms.
So the essential oils we chose out here they’re going to help fight inflammation
in the body, they’re going to boost your immune system, and a couple of them are
also gonna help kill bacteria, yeast, and mold in your environment, that yucky stuff. So I’m gonna pass the mic to Erika she’s gonna share a little bit about
each of the essential oils we chose out. Yes, thanks, so we picked five essential oils for you guys today that are great for allergies and natural allergy remedies. So
first we have eucalyptus which is great because it’s very invigorating and
refreshing it’s got a sharp smell which helps clear congestion. Next we have tea
tree. So tea tree is the one that will help kill the fungus, bacteria, mold, all
that stuff in the air. Any sort of gross particles in the air. The one thing with
tea trees is we suggest not to consume and if you are gonna use it on your skin
do a patch test first to see if you have any allergies to it. Always important to patch test, you never know how you are going to react. Otherwise it’s just best with the
diffuser, it smells great too. Next up we have lavender, so lavender smells awesome. Everybody tends to love lavender as well as it helps with inflammation.
So in your sinuses, inside your nose gets inflamed with the reactions to allergens
and that helps that greatly. Next, we have lemon. So lemon is really nice it’s a
very fresh spring smell. Great for spring cleaning. That’s what we have in our diffuser right now. Ya, and it smells smells great. Amazing. So, lemon is also really good it helps your pH balance in your body and it
really helps cleanse the air and that’s why people like it for spring cleaning. Last up we have peppermint. So, peppermint is used for all sorts of things. It is also like
the eucalyptus with that very great invigorating, cooling sensation. Yeah, great cooling sensation, which helps with the congestion as well. As well as
peppermint does help with inflammation in your sinuses and stuff like that, so it is great. Yes and so those are our favorite essential oils for allergies and we do
have a couple of tips for how you can use them at home. So with the lemon oil a
really cool tip is adding a couple of drops and mixing it with your laundry
detergents. And it’s gonna really deep clean your clothes, your sheets, anything
you want. Yes it’s really really nice. And I know your mom has a good tip with lemon oil. Yeah so at home, my mom, she likes to. She take an old dish cloth or a dish rag, something
that she doesn’t really care too much about and she’ll put like lemon or maybe
a few other essential oil drops into like six drops. Directly on the rag. Yes and then she throws it in the dryer with her blankets,
clothes, whatever she feels like. And it helps scent it, and just cleanse it, and
then you’re not staining any sort of clothes with the essential oils. Yeah, so that’s a great tip for spring cleaning if you wanna deep clean some of your stuff. And then we also have a quick blend that you can try out at home that’s gonna be
really helpful in easing your allergy symptoms and making you a little bit
more comfortable during the spring time. And I know that Erika and I both suffer from allergy symptoms. So badly. So we will be using this blend. This is great for us as well. Yes. You’re gonna do about two to three drops of lavender oil, tea tree oil, and then the eucalyptus oil, put it all in your
diffuser, and just have it running while you’re working, watching TV, really anything. Yeah, basically. Yeah and it’s gonna help fight that
inflammation in your body, ease those symptoms, it’s gonna smell
amazing. Yeah it smells so good. Yeah, so feel free to try that blend at home, we really think
you’ll love it. And you can find all these products at YesWellness.com. Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. Or any questions or anything. Yes, we are here for you. We’ve got you. And then don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like this video, and… We’ll see you next time. We will see you next time. Bye guys.

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