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hey, what’s up dr. Prasoon here if
someone in your family is suffering from asthma you might be knowing that a
sudden attack of asthma can be devastating it can be frightening and it
often requires hospitalization it will cost you in thousands and it will also
waste your time and in some instances it can even be life-threatening but did you
know that an acute asthma attack can be prevented in this video I will tell you
5 ways to prevent a sudden attack of asthma
this is dofody the best online doctor consultation platform in India so let’s
get started point number one we spend most of the
time in our homes if we can keep our homes clean and tidy that should be the
first thing that we need to do to prevent an attack of asthma dust mites
dust particles mold all these are invisible to the human eye and they can
easily trigger an attack of asthma dry dusting of our homes is a very common
practice and though it seems that dry dusting cleans our homes pretty fast it
actually doesn’t instead of dry dusting switch over to wet mopping wash the
bedspreads bedsheets linens curtains and carpets very often
and keep them dust free by using vacuum cleaners or by washing them at least
once in every two weeks try to minimize the use of pesticides and keep those
cockroaches away by keeping your home and kitchen clean and free of fallen
food particles point number two if you are a person who loves pets and if you
are a asthmatic think once again before bringing another pet into your home your
pets dander and your pets saliva are some of the most common trigger factors
that can easily lead to an attack of asthma all persons are not the same and
similar is a condition with the pets and if you cannot live without your pets at
least wash them once in a week point number three when you are going
outside or when you are taking your child who is suffering from asthma
outside make sure that you stay away from the dust on the roads stay away
from smoke and do not visit construction sites and construction places when
you’re using a public transport please do not use a window seat and if possible
try to carry a handkerchief and cover your face including your nose so that
you do not inhale those invisible triggers of asthma point number four if
your doctor has prescribed you an inhaler make sure that you are using it
properly shake it well before use and if your doctor has prescribed you to inhale
two puffs every day please do that this can be the best thing that you can
do to prevent an attack of asthma bonus tip after using the inhaler wash
your mouth to prevent oral fungal infections and finally coming to point
number five infections are also triggers of asthma attacks so if you can prevent
infections by boosting your immunity you should definitely do it try to stay
healthy eat more fruits and vegetables and taking flu vaccine in and pneumococcal
vaccine is highly recommended if you are suffering from asthma so that’s it for
this video I hope you like this one please consider sharing it with your
friends and family particularly with those friends who are suffering from
asthma do you have any other tips to prevent an attack of asthma if you have
any more please share it in the comment section below and I’ll also appreciate
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next one it’s me dr. Prasoon signing off take
care stay healthy and thank you so much for watching

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