5 Easy Tips For Dealing with Allergies

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Ah, beautiful spring. The warm sun shines
down on us, flowers blossom into beautiful spectacles. The… This is The Josh Speaks.
You’re watching The Josh Speaks. Heya playas, I f-cking hate allergies. Every single year
I look forward to everything nice about the Spring but this. Somewhere around 35 million
Americans suffer from allergies. That’s 35 million people blowing their nose, itching,
sneezing, coughing and looking like this! Allergy season usually starts in March or
April and can last anywhere up until the beginning of snowfall. How messed up is that? You spend
6 months of the year battling cold weather, bundling yourself up and covering your face
only to do the exact same thing during spring time. There IS a God and he is laughing at
people like me right now. But, even though allergies are totally incurable, here’s are
few helpful tips to not let them plague your life like they do mine. Tip number 1, when
planning activities, check the local pollen count for the day. Pollen is usually at it’s
highest in the early mornings and late afternoons. Which somehow seems strategically planned
for when people are going and coming from school and work. Keep laughing up there buddy.
Be prepared. Don’t be afraid to wear gloves so that you don’t scratch your eyes. Always
wear sunglasses so pollen doesn’t get in, and make sure to wear a mask to prevent anything
from going in your nose. Vitamin C is the cure for everything. It helps your immune
system protect itself against histamines which are produced by pollen. But if you ask me
off the record. Yea, I’m an anti-histamite. You hear that? Histamites, I don’t like your
kind around here. You better leave before something bad happens. They say to refrain
from eating any of the following things: junk food, frozen food and processed food. Apparently
this helps prevent your body from curing illness. And you know that whenever you can’t eat good
food that’s bad for you, you’re gonna have to eat bad food that’s good for you. And number
5, increase your intake of disgusting things like hot tea, honey, and spicy things like
ginger, onions and pepper. Bleh. Apparently hot liquids serve really well as a decongestant
but all that means to me is that you want me to drink things at the devil’s temperature.
Ain’t gonna happen. Allergies, you can’t kill em, but you can sure as hell fight em. It’s
amazing to see people’s different reactions for when I have a cold versus allergies. When
i have a cold people are like. But when they find out it’s just allergies they’re all like.
Oh that’s no problem. You can sneeze in my mouth if you want to. And the sad truth is
that allergies are hereditary so when your child breaks out with puffy eyes and a runny
nose, understand that that is what makes you a horrible parent. As always guys, love and…
love… love… peace. Dear God. It never ends.

45 thoughts on “5 Easy Tips For Dealing with Allergies

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  2. 5 Easy Tips For Dealing with Allergies

    It's allergy season and boy do I HATE allergies!

    In this video I share with you 5 easy tips for dealing with pollen and all the other stupid things that make us sneeze, itch and rub our eyes until they burn.

    #allergies #spring #pollen

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    This girl her name is layla she dated my friend george and after they broke up I thought I was going to make my move when I over heard them talking about how she wasn't that pretty or even ugly
    And those guys are my friends but they don't know I like her and I don't wanna go out with her and have them talking behind my back on how she is not that cute.
    I am stuck and I need your help!!!!!!!

  4. Fuck hazlenuts fuck everything that they are standing for. I know why there was a hazelnut plant burning in that bible story. They are straight Outta hell. And they deserve to die. I cant even fucking breath. I ate a hazelnut yesterday. It will help they said. It will go away they said. You arent really allergic they said. Well fuck you. I hope i get an anaphylactic shock… i cant eat cant sleep and i feel so fucking sick . Everything is itching. I hatte fucking spring. I am leaving this country with its trees and bushes to live in the desert, i cant even eat nutella anymore now nothing is there to hold me back i will create a New race of pollenfree people who are allowed to live in peace. Far away from those demons in the first world . If you want to join, do it quick.

  5. my allergy is so bad for no reason i always have a runny nose and sneezing. if i dont have a cold it still there was should i do??

  6. Allergies are such an annoying thing. Allergy solutions are hard to come by. Thanks for the tips man! Have you ever tried some supplements?


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