5 Incredible Benefits of Sage Essential Oil

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Obtained through the steamed distillation
of the leaves of sage flowers, sage essential oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties,
which improve disorders linked to menstrual cycle and menopause. It also has beneficial effects on blood circulation,
being useful in beauty treatments. In the past, people believed that drinking
sage tea could alleviate sore throats, clean the mind and sight and help people understand
what was happening around them or see what would happen in the future. Curious, isn’t it? Salvia sclarea is largely cultivated for essential
oil production since it has less thujone, being less toxic. There are two sage essential oils that can
be found: one made from Salvia sclarea, which is safer than the oil made from common sage,
also known as Salvia officinalis. Salvia sclarea is used in aromatherapy, if
that’s how you intend to use it. In this case, it can be used to relieve stress
and tension. The oil is also useful in cases of asthma,
being a good antispasmodic, and a powerful muscle relaxant. This essential oil is also recommended for
treating disorders related to the menstrual cycle and menopause, such as pre-menstrual
syndrome, pains during the cycle and hot flashes. Besides that, clary sage essential oil is
also recommended for circulatory issues, and hemorrhoids. To get all these benefits, just add a drop
of sage essential oil in a tablespoon of almond oil, and use this mixture in cases of hemorrhoids
or chilblains. You can also massage your belly to stimulate
blood circulation and soothe the disorders related to the menstrual cycle. Interesting, right? Did you know that sage essential oil is largely
used in cosmetics for oily skin and oily hair? If that’s your case, add a drop of sage essential
oil to green clay for facial masks. Add a drop of sage oil in a teaspoon of Aloe
vera gel for an anti-oiliness treatment for both hair and skin. Oh, this oil is also great to reduce perspiration. Because of its antibacterial properties, it
is a good addition to your homemade deodorant recipes. And the best of all is that Salvia sclarea
essential oil doesn’t have any specific contraindications, but its use should be avoided during pregnancy
and by small children. Besides that, people allergic to one or more
components of its essence, and people with mammary mastitis or hormonal cancers should
also avoid using it.

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