5 Things to Know About TB

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5 Things to know about Tuberculosis or (TB) 1. Anyone can get TB. TB bacteria are spread through the air when a person with TB disease coughs,speaks,or sings. 2. TB is not a disease of the past – CDC estimates up to 13 million people in the United States have latent TB infection. People with latent TB infection do not have symptoms and cannot spread TB bacteria to others. However, without treatment, 5-10% of people with latent TB infection will develop TB disease at some point in their lives. For some people the risk is much higher. 3. TB can happen anywhere. TB cases are found in all 50 states. 4. Treating latent TB infection is effective and can prevent the development of TB disease. 5. It’s important – If you are at high risk for TB infection, You should get tested and treated if you have it. Together, we can end TB in the United States! Learn more about tuberculosis by visiting www.cdc.gov/tb

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  1. Guys I got Tb but I survive it!😘when I was in the hospital every single day my blood got sucked and I throw up blood
    And I'm happy I don't have tbd anymore😳✌💞💗

  2. I had tb My mother said I got it when the doctor never game me a needle so i got Tb i was only 4 or 5 or 6 I have it on my neck and still have a scar but i'm glad i'm alive <3

  3. Tb is serious if you have Tb all of your energy is devoted to coughing so you have little energy to doo simple things

  4. 5 things to know about TB:
    1. You’re name is Arthur Morgan
    2. You lived in 1899
    3. You’re going to do a mission
    4. You’re in saint denis
    5. You died as a hero

  5. 5 things you really need to know about TB

    1. You're Arthur Morgan
    2. You get spit on by Thomas Downs
    3. You fall off your horse at Saint Denis
    4. You'll be getting picked on by Micah Bell as he calls you Black Lung
    5. You'll watch the sunrise one last time along with the deer

    And that is all you need to know about TB have a good day. And the credits roll

  6. Can someone tell me how easy it is to catch, I just found out my friend has it and I may have it now along with everyone I’ve been near

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