500 BAHT 5 MENIT BIAR STOP BELANJA! #PatGoTravel #Bangkok

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What else now? Done shopping? We will keep shopping even a little bit sleepy,
I’ve just shopped at Siam Center Now, I’m going to shop at Platinum Reminiscing the past For you who’ve followed me,
must already know… I used to sell clothes at online shopping Since I sold bra and panties,
those I got from Mangga Dua Dresses, and until I got enough money
to go to Bangkok to shop It’s just a refreshment, reminiscing the past I used to shop at Pratunam,
which is across the street Now I’m at Platinum, here is a little bit pricey
compared to Pratunam which is a wholesaler It’s different for me now Back then, I shopped for women’s apparel But now, I’m looking at babies apparel, sorry Because of Devi my PA, her kid, Elvira, is so cute And my nieces also so cute,
so I can’t help myself So cheap, three for 540 baht How much was it?
Please convert it to Rupiah, thank you This store is one of my favorites,
it’s called Mary Jane Is this Mary Jane? – I’m wrong
– Not Mary Jane Sistalamour, but back then it’s different This is the store which a little bit pricey So, when I managed to collect some money… I bought a better quality of clothes,
so it’s more expensive See? It is more expensive,
the material is really good and stretch The price is 500 baht that means Rp. 200.000 The clothes are different now It used to be so fashionable But now is super basic It used to be full of fashionable clothes like… Weird apparel, like my weird brain
but still can be used for some occasions Now it’s very plain so it’s boring Boring So many have changed Like some of my favorites stores are now gone The people have changed,
I don’t remember their name though Right, you can find these in Indonesia See? It cost can 1,5 – 2 million, but only 600.000 here It 2-3 times more expensive in Indonesia So I shop for some clothes If I want to shop, might as well
buy the expensive one, right? Because I’m no longer selling it, right?
So let’s buy the expensive one I need it for my work later Wow! Bling-bling to the bling-bling Aren’t I looked like Agnez Mo? Like Agnez Mo, right? Ouch, my hair! – Rainbow
– Rainbow, LBTQ How was it? Looks cool, huh? What are you holding? Funny, right? Like my cousin’s when he was circumcised How come I know? Well, after he got circumcised,
he showed me while crying… “Look at this!” Crazy, huh? Some of my lipstick, I bought it from Thailand Here at Platinum but upstairs It cost around, I think 300-500 thousand rupiah Let’s go this way Did you get a lot of profit back then? Well, it’s quite good back then,
but not a really crazy amount I used the money to travel with my friends too So if we went shopping from morning
until dark for our shop… Later at night, we went for entertainment Experiencing many things in Bangkok If you still want to shop, let me challenge you What challenge? You used to have an online shop, right? Let me challenge you for 500 baht in 5 minutes! – To buy what?
– Anything that stylish – Can you?
– For children or adults? – Adults, of course!
– What age range? – For you
– For me, 500 baht? – You can’t buy things carelessly
– What? Do I have to wear it? Of course, mix and match Okay, you want a formal or non-formal one? What’s the occasion? 500 baht is easy Wow, really? 500 baht is easy, Babe 500 is how many? Rp. 200.000,
that is so doable here Okay, on your own idea – Okay, my idea
– In 5 minutes, okay? Are you ready? Wait, not yet! Ready? You’ve thought about it? 5 minutes from… now! Go, Ma’am! 200 take three? 200 okay? – This one 390
– Oh, okay I buy one first because I want to take photos
tomorrow I’ll come back Okay, I’ll give you 250 baht,
when you come back tomorrow Oke How much it cost? So the real price is 390,
but I asked for wholesale price It was 250, but I have to at least buy 3 or 6 Because I only buy one, so it’s 390
but tomorrow I’ll come back… If I want to get the wholesale price for the rest
I already got it now! – Okay, what else?
– You got 150 left – 150
– What now? Maybe I should stay here – You can’t!
– What? – Must go to another store? Okay
– Yes Already 2 minutes, 3 minutes left! The color is better, it makes me angry It’s the same I can’t choose carelessly, right? Okay, this one – One look only, right?
– Yes – Okay
– Good, it matches Is it a good match? Maybe with this one? This is better, huh? With this one? – With the pink one
– Not bad I’m done! – 500 baht is easy
– Wow, crazy – But it’s good, right?
– Wow – You have to try it?
– Okay Eh, actually this one cost 300 baht – 300 baht, this 150, so 450
– Oh, wow, still have some change, huh? There’s still have some change Show us – How was it?
– Nice Looks classy, even though it’s not ironed It’s good for only 300 baht If I buy in wholesale, its 250 baht 250 times 450 rupiah, how much?
That’s the cost Only 100 thousand rupiahs, it’s pretty for fine dining And it comes in a lot of different colors I mean, if you want to be more covered,
you can use this Ding! Tharaaa! It’s done, right? – Wow
– Stay pretty and conventional “Yes? What is it, Darling?” If the line was too low for you,
you can pull it up Like this, there Nice, right? So that’s my story during my online shop
moments from Bangkok, okay? Sorry, I’m a little bit tired, I have to get up early Alright, I wanna rest, still have to clean up later I have shopped a lot… For my preparation in my line of work,
sometimes, I’m asked to be fashionable Well, fashion is part of my job, right? So that’s why I bought a lot of
“ammunitions” from Bangkok, right? – OK, thank you so much, Guys. Bye!
– Wow! Eh, don’t forget to subscribe, like
and comment down below It’s tiring to make contents, do you know that? Okay, love you!

42 thoughts on “500 BAHT 5 MENIT BIAR STOP BELANJA! #PatGoTravel #Bangkok

  1. Kalau Bodi jemuran pakai mahal murah tetep cantik
    Istilah body jemuran (body sempurna) kata daerah saya Cirebon

    Petgouw Love you GBU 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Malam final putri Indonesia 2020 jgn lupa buat Vlognya ya kak, secara info bocoran Slh satu host nya kak Pat, apa bener kak?

  3. Pengen tampil cantik, menawan gak perlu harus dgn harga mahal/ barang brended yg penting cocok di kita, nyaman di kita ya kan kak Cipet. Cus ah sukses selalu buat kak Cipet

  4. 500 baht dapet look atas bawah, keren si 👏
    Next, 500 baht untuk 2 look. Versi pasar Pratunam. Biar yg uangnya ngepas buat shopping. Bisa jadi inspirasi. Request look dong😂, ada look yang untuk sholehah juga😁

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