6 Reasons You May Have Trouble Breathing Freely

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Like most automatic processes in the body,
we usually don’t give our respiratory system much thought until something goes wrong. Feeling
out of breath after a tough workout is one thing, but you should seek medical attention
if you experience lasting breathing troubles or sudden, severe shortness of breath. The
average human can live around three weeks without food and three days without water,
but just three minutes without air can lead to brain damage and death. Here are some conditions
that can impede the ability to breath freely. 1. Allergies The role of a healthy immune system is to
fend off potentially harmful foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately,
an overactive immune system may target less harmful substances like pet dander or pollen,
leading to an immune response known as an allergic reaction. Symptoms may vary depending
on the specific allergen and the mode of interaction, but common signs of an allergic reaction include
throat, lung and nasal inflammation, coughing and shortness of breath. 2. Obesity More than 1 in 3 American adults are obese.
Obesity increases the risk of a whole host of health issues, including diabetes, MS,
heart disease and cancer. In addition, excessive body fat literally weighs down the body, which
can worsen “wear and tear” on joints and reduce one’s ability to efficiently fill
the lungs. When combined with inactivity, this reduction in lung capacity can lead to
chronic shortness of breath, further complicate attempts to become more active and worsen
other respiratory issues like asthma. 3. Respiratory Infection
Respiratory infections are a broad category of illnesses that range from the common cold
to influenza and pneumonia. These infections can present many symptoms that may interfere
with normal breathing. Such symptoms may include a lasting cough, congestion and inflammation.
While these infections are generally short-lived, severe respiratory infections in infants have
been linked to an increased risk for asthma. 4. Exposure to Smoke
Prolonged exposure to firsthand or secondhand smoke can seriously damage the lungs in two
major ways. First, tobacco smoke harms the microscopic hairs known as cilia that line
the airways. Second, smoking tobacco damages the air sacs in the lungs, making it more
difficult to take in oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. Plus, beyond increasing the
risk of asthma, COPD, secondary pulmonary hypertension and lung cancer, smoking can
also lead to chronic cough (smoker’s cough) and make prolonged physical activity more
difficult. 5. Asthma
Asthma is a chronic condition involving inflammation of the lungs. About 20 million Americans live
with asthma, which can lead to shortness of breath and wheezing. Like COPD, asthma is
commonly treated with a combination of measures, including steroid medications to reduce inflammation
and lifestyle changes to avoid triggers. 6. COPD
COPD is an umbrella term describing several severe lung diseases, including chronic bronchitis
and emphysema. While these conditions may affect the lungs differently, they all result
in respiratory issues stemming from lung damage. Despite the variety of conditions that can
influence short- and long-term respiratory issues, there are several lifestyle habits
that can help reduce your risk of complications and improve both heart and lung health like
quitting smoking, exercising, managing your preexisting conditions and avoiding lung irritants.

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  1. ight so ive had this breathing issue for 1 whole year now… i went to the damn doctor and she claimed it was allergies… this was last summer in may. i basically get really breathless when im walking for more than 20 minutes and have irritation in my throat, trouble talking, and have to force air ibto my lungs which isn't good because that tears the lung tissue. annnd in the heat i cant breathe at all. since its winter we have the heater i have to close my vent off so i can breathe at night. and last summer was hell for me. i couldnt work out and i was bed ridden because i couldnt get up or walk without feeling dizzy for faint. im not over weight i weigh 90 pounds.. im 16 soon annd 5'2.

  2. breathing for me is more difficult now. I am not obese, i dont have allergies or any of things that are mentioned here.

    I have been backstaped. It was my bff. Now I dont have friends. Just classmates. And now I cant breathe freely. Can someone help?

  3. I am 23 , I use to be a chainsmoker for threeyears but now its been 2 months since I have not even touched a ciggarete but recently I have been facing shortness in breath , I am obese but a regular gymer since 2 months and have cut down a lot of body fat , I can even complete 1000 skippings in 11 mins . But recently since 2-3 days at night I feel too uneasy due to this condition , wierd thoughts cross my mind like am i having asthma or heartattack . What do I do ? Anybody reading this comment who was a smoker if you faced something similar please do share your thoughts

  4. Lately every time I go outside and it’s don’t have shortness of breathe I have plenty of air but I can’t concentrate to breathe I have to like do it manually and my body seems to not wanna take on air I just moved to a desert area so maybe it’s my body getting used to the climate but I’m not sure I do have asthma tho so it’s probably why

  5. I’m 15 and I breathe deeply for some reason. I don’t find trouble breathing but I’m constantly yawning, I have been doing a lot of sports and have to get up early for school s maybe it’s that.

  6. First off, For me it's not obesity… because my body is perfect. But since my dad was an ex smoker, And my mom still smokes a little, They used to smoke ever since I was born for 15 years, So I believe it's the main reason. Should I visit a doctor?

  7. I'm not coughing much but I have a tight chest, a nose that feels partially blocked, I sneeze sometimes, and my throat has junk in it after my first meal every day. This is all new. I didn't have these problems till this year.

  8. I had this breathing issue about 2 weeks back. I keep thinking it's happening because I'm thinking of it and I can't stop thinking about it. Please help me.

  9. I have so much trouble breathing to the point where I can’t sleep at night due to shortness of breath and whenever I try to breathe my heart hurts me !! I need help 😭😭😭

  10. Hey there , I am 12 I also have these problems, and the reason for it is , When We are lonely , We all Focus on are breathes , And Try to take deep breathes, There is nothing to worry about, That's normal in our ages (as well as you see all ppl are teenager here) And just freaking stop say "I am so young to die"

  11. My sister can't breathe sometimes and our mother says is just a cold! She needs to go to the doctor!!

  12. I cant seem too automatically breathing ever since i had my surgery in my middle ear infection ever since they place breathing tube down my throat I dont breath right anymore and when I woke up I cant seem taking deep breaths or breath fast after running or riding a bike and or eating food

  13. I need lots of help I can’t breathe and I’m just gonna be stuck with his until I die also dont say “ same here” cuz thats not gonna help

  14. I'm having the same problem guys. idk if its asthma cause i use to have it when i was younger or if is just me growing and getting older. it happened to me at the beginning of jan. now its early june and it came back.it mostly happens at night and i get rlly scared. i went to the doctor the first time it happened and they said its because I'm growing but i hope so. i don't wanna tell my parents again because I'm about to start up football and i don't want them to not let me play.

  15. It happenes with me sometime it's just over thinking I even went the cardiologist but it's nothing…….its over thinking……

  16. This has been going on for like 3 days it feels like my lungs are filled up with air and I can only take very small breathes IT MAKES IT SO HARD TO SLEEP

  17. Looking at the comment section I'm thankful that I'm not alone
    Well that didn't come out right

  18. Once I was dreaming, in my dream I got shot, I could not breathe, I woke up, I could not breathe, then I started breathing again, I’m great full to be alive.

  19. I'm trying to figure out why my heart randomly beats too fast, lightheaded and not be ablw to breathe properly

  20. Can anybody give me advice when I’m laying down and I get excited it gets hard to breathe please tell me why

  21. i am not able to breathe freely i always feel that i am not getting enough air pls helppp 🙏🙏🙏btw im just 17😪😪😭😭😭

  22. On a really serious note today July 16 I’ve experienced my second time where I couldn’t breathe. I was getting ready to take a shower and I felt like I was going to cough. So I did but it didn’t stop there cough after cough until I couldn’t breathe I tried inhaling but nothing not until my sister ran and brought me an old inhaler which at the time was my only source of getting air. I’m scared to death right now and idk what to do. I know the right thing is to go to the doctors but my mom is working and took my older sister car so I have no way of transportation. But I would like to know what to do if this happens again please help I’m 17 yrs young. Idk of this is serious even though it seems like it but I hope someone can help me.

  23. Anybody ever feel like you need to pull harder or expand your lungs to get a proper breathe.. it's happening to me all the time for almost two weeks.. I do suffer with anxiety and panic attacks although I'm not having a panic attack I'm still having this issue

  24. For all the scared teens and 10 year old who think they will die: You relax I'm 15 and I sometimes have the same thing. In my case it's because of anxiety. You're not going to die of that, just lay down or sit down and just breathe normally. Just tell your parent or a adult what you're feeling and I'm sure they can help you in a way. But the best option is to just visit a doctor and get it checked out. It's most likely nothing serious if you're a teen but just to be 100% sure go to a doctor. And remember, just calm down and relax, you won't die from this. Stay 💪🏼

  25. Looking at my mom smoking whirl im watching this video makes me think I know what is goin on with my breathing

  26. I was like this at the night i was sleeping and i almost out of breth..and i keep it a secret until now but..in a minute i breath 13 to 20 times in a row..its so hard to not breth nicely im soo scared and im only 11…

  27. I think I have a respiratory infection, I recently got sick and got a cough. It’s been about a month with no sign of It going away, I can’t breathe properly and especially at night it stops me from sleeping

  28. It sometimes I feel I can’t breath well but sometimes I have normal breathing like any body els , Is that normal ? Or I should see a doctor?

  29. I can't breath all that good and I'm wheezing alot my doc said it's nothing when he tells me that I wanna put my hand down his throat and take out his heart I know there's something worng with my body

  30. allergies
    i have 16 stray pets all allergic to them they stay outside tho but i spend alot of time with them
    chugs allergie pills

  31. So im 16 years old and im havig this problem eveyday and i cant even sleep,one time i went to sleep for about minutes and and woke up ramdonly and felt panic.I think this started happing adter i went to the doctor to do my physics and the doctor tested my breathing and thats when the doctor gave me one shot in my right and left hand.Its barely one week after the shots.Should i go to the doctor???Or should i tell my parents first??

  32. Okay so i have had anxiety for 3 years now and i have struggled with all panic attacks symptoms including chest tightness and breathing problems but it’s been getting so much worse like right now i have symptoms like gasping for air when im just literally doing nothing it’s like i forget how to breathe like all the oxygen in my lungs is gone,there is always a sharp pain in my chest too specially in my heart area,i would also wake up gasping for air and then i would just ignore it and try to sleep but then it happens again and again and now I can’t stop cryingg cause im so scared

  33. im struggling to breathe right now im obese and i know when i tell my mom she would prob tell me that i dont excercise :((

  34. I have been having difficulty to breathe for the past 3 days. it all started 3 days ago when i went to my friends house. We were all wrestling for fun but I kept on getting choked and they choked me pretty hard. I’m sore from my neck where they choked me from. Do you guys think this is the cause?

  35. at random times it feels like i’m suffocating or not enough air is getting into my lungs, especially when i may down. this summer it got so bad that i’m finally seeing a doctor to hopefully figure out what’s wrong
    (i’m underweight and not allergic to anything so i know that’s not it)

  36. I’m only 12 and It’s hard for me to breathe sometimes I can’t go to the doctor they will probably say I’m normal but it’s really hard my mom is always at work so I can’t tell nobody my dad doesn’t live with us.

  37. This happaned and my whole chest and lungs began to burn and I was talking so it was hella awquard. Ppl thought I was dying.

    I have pollen allergies and I am a few lbs from underweight (I am 130) ssooo idk?

  38. GUYS DONT WORRY! Sometimes when this happens, it’s probably because you don’t have enough space in your stomach after a big long meal. Just wait about 30 mins for your body to get some space for air to flow through.

  39. I have this wierd problem in which I have to take sudden deep breaths only when I am aware that I am breathing, it feels like my lungs do not expand enough
    Can anyone suggest me what to do?
    It is happening from yesterday night

  40. I have asthma so this could be part of the reason but it often feels like someone is sitting on my chest and it's hard to breathe and all that, idk

  41. My mum need to stop saying "because of your phone" whenever i get sick…or i wont tell her anything whenever i feel something

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