6 thoughts on “6 things you can do now to beat asthma

  1. Hey guys, try to eat kiwi's for awhile, and your symptoms WILL decrease. Also make sure you eliminate excess processed and all dairy products.

  2. I haven't used my asthma medication/inhaler in years. I had since i was about 8 years old. Im 21 now and last attack was around 14 years old(was not serious). I been doing so well that the my doctor took me off my medications about 4 years ago.I live my daily life as if i dont even have this disease. However, i am always reminded of it when i play around with dust and feel shortness of breathe. But i been able to shake them off after 30 mins or a hour. I want to know why i have been doing so well. I think it been the sports i played during HS( soccer intense) that may strengthen my lungs, or i have just outgrown it with age and time.

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