6 Ways To Improve Gut Flora To Aid Weight Loss, Beat Anxiety & Allergies!

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6 Ways To Improve Gut Flora To Aid Weight
Loss, Beat Anxiety & Allergies! If you aren’t familiar with the term, gut
flora, you really should be. Gut flora is the community of microorganisms
that call your digestive tract home. In humans, the gut microbiota has the most
bacteria and the most varied number of species of bacteria compared to any other part of
the body. We need healthy bacteria to keep the intestinal
lining strong and when bad bacteria move in and take over the intestinal tract becomes
very susceptible to damage. Inflammation in the gut leads to ulceration
and breaks in the intestinal wall. Digestive problems caused by too much bad
gut bacteria. Constipation, Excess gas, Diarrhea, Bad breath,
Vitamin B deficiencies, PMS, Hormonal problems, Breast enlargement in men, High cholesterol, Severe bruising, Chronic
anemia, Prostate problems, Candida infection, Neurological problems, Bladder infections. Here are just some of the reasons why healthy
gut bacteria are essential. Weight loss: According to research, gut bacteria
and weight loss are closely related. Scientists at the University of Iowa gave
mice a drug that caused them to gain weight and discovered that the microbe composition
of the rats changed, slowing their resting metabolic rate. A study in BioEssays notes that too much of
the wrong type of bacteria in our gut may cause unhealthy cravings, leading to weight
gain. Bacteria can control hormones and manipulate
us into making poor food choices. If having a good mixture of healthy bacteria
is as important as research seems to indicate, just how do we best tend the garden in our
digestive tract? Here are ten ways that you can love your gut
as much as you should. 1. Eat more veggies. One of the easiest and quickest ways to change
your gut bacteria for the better is to eat more vegetables, especially green leafy ones. A diet rich in vegetables helps to build a
diverse microbiome which leads to clearer thinking and overall health and wellness. For best results, eat 39 grams of dietary
fiber per day. 2. Limit your use of antibiotics. Regular use of broad-spectrum antibiotics
destroy all bacteria, good and bad including strains of bacteria needed to fight other
infections. American children who are prescribed one course
of antibiotics per year can sustain long-term impacts on their health due to a permanent
change in the microbiota. Of course, there are times when an antibiotic
is necessary, but it pays to limit your use and always take a probiotic when you are taking
an antibiotic and eat a very healthy diet while on the antibiotics. 3. Sweat. Yes, exercise is great for the body and the
mind, and as it turns out, it is especially great for your gut flora, at least sweating
is. Researchers in Ireland studied the feces of
40 professional rugby players. They found that athletes had far more diverse
microbiomes than the average person. Other studies have conferred that exercise
does, in fact, change the gut microbiota. So, add a good workout daily to your healthy
living regime and your gut will thank you. 4. Eat fermented foods. People have been fermenting foods for thousands
of years as a means to keep food from spoiling. Fermented foods provide a very broad combination
of bacteria which makes them the absolute best type for probiotic you can feed your
gut. Some healthy fermented foods to include in
your diet include kefir, pickles, kombucha tea, pickles, and sauerkraut. Try to include at least three tablespoons
of fermented foods in your diet daily. 6. Be done with sugar. Refined sugar is like fuel for bad gut bacteria. A study out of Oregon State University found
that a diet rich in sugar caused changes to the gut bacteria of mice. This change in gut bacteria had a negative
impact on the mice’s long-term and short-term memory.

One thought on “6 Ways To Improve Gut Flora To Aid Weight Loss, Beat Anxiety & Allergies!

  1. Full fat Greek yogurt
    Raw meat
    Bone broth
    Sauerkraut (or any fermented food such as: raw full fat mature cheeses, high meat/ high liver,
    No Garlic or Pharmaceutical pills ( especially Antibiotics and Antiinflammaories)

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