7 Foods That Help Lower Your Cholesterol

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high cholesterol is a common problem
which can be a leading risk factor in the development of heart disease like
most other medical conditions of this kind early prevention is usually better
than damage control when it comes to high cholesterol meaning that it’s
better to take steps in your lifestyle to prevent high cholesterol before it
happens the good news is that even for people with genetic or family histories
with high cholesterol promoting healthy cholesterol levels may in fact be easier
than you think according to registered dietician mikkel
Hill fostering healthy cholesterol levels in your body can potentially be
as easy as simply making some much-needed adjustments to your everyday
diet here are just a handful of foods that you can turn to in order to keep
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and content number one olive oil this first item on our list might seem a
little strange at first afterall olive oil is high in fat so one
could easily be led to believe that foods with a high fat content would only
negatively impact a person’s cholesterol the truth of the matter however is that
not all fats are created equal while some types of fat are indeed detrimental
to your cholesterol related health others such as the ones found in olive
oil can actually be healthy for your cholesterol levels instead this is
because olive oil contains a high concentration of unsaturated fats
unlike saturated and trans fats unsaturated fat is actually not only an
acceptable addition to a cholesterol-lowering diet it’s also
directly beneficial to lowering cholesterol levels and promoting a
healthy heart according to Hill the fat content found in olive oil actually
lowers the LDL cholesterol in your body otherwise known as the bad cholesterol
while also raising your body’s level of HDL or good cholesterol in its place
olive oil also contains compounds known as polyphenols which are also highly
effective when it comes to reducing inflammation within the body
number two beans and other legumes when people say beans beans they’re good for
your heart you may be conditioned into believing this to be the lead-in to a
juvenile rhyming joke about flatulence beans of all kinds are an excellent
source of fiber which can help keep the bad cholesterol down while also leaving
you feeling full and sated after a meal in addition to helping lower unhealthy
amounts of cholesterol within your body many different types of beans and other
legumes come packed with other nutritional benefits as well for example
the garbanzo bean otherwise known as the chickpea is a high source of protein
manganese iron and copper in addition to fiber and may also help reduce blood
sugar and increase your body’s sensitivity to the hormone known as
insulin number 3 salmon salmon and other types of fatty fish are beneficial to
your cholesterol levels due to their rich abundance in omega-3 fatty acids
according to Hill omega-3 has been shown to improve cholesterol health in a
number of ways such as lowering levels of LDL cholesterol decreasing
inflammation within the body and decreasing the risk of both heart
disease and stroke in addition to its high omega-3 content salmon is also a
great source of other important nutrients such as protein B vitamins
potassium and selenium number four avocado call us basic all you want but
you know the writers at besties would never be able to get away with the video
on healthy foods without mentioning our friend the avocado don’t be mistaken
though avocados inclusion on this list is more than just lip service like olive
oil avocados are dense with mono saturated fats and just like legumes
they’re also a high source of fiber in fact the Journal of the American Heart
Association published a study in 2015 which indicated that overweight or obese
adults who ate an avocado every day could expect to see drastically lower
levels of bad cholesterol in their systems but hey don’t just take this
video’s word for it for more information on the health benefits of the avocado
fruit be sure to check out another video on our channel title
eating avocado everyday for a week will do this to your body
like we said bestie loves avocados and we don’t care who knows
number five nuts many types of nuts particularly almonds
and walnuts are especially potent when it comes to keeping your cholesterol
under control in addition to being high in unsaturated fats walnuts are also a
rich source of omega-3 and we already know how important that can be when it
comes to cholesterol and heart health as for almonds these nuts are an especially
rich source of an amino acid known as l-arginine which helps your body produce
nitric oxide and regulate blood pressure in addition to these nutrients nuts of
all varieties are also a source of cholesterol lowing phytosterols as well
as calcium magnesium and potassium all of which promote positive heart health
and reduced blood pressure number six whole grains whole grains especially
oats and barley have also been shown to be effective when it comes to reducing
bad cholesterol and keeping your heart healthy whole grain oats contain a
special type of soluble fiber known as beta gluten which can potentially help
lower LDL cholesterol levels by up to seven percent in people who eat oats on
the regular similarly barley is also a rich source of beta gluten as well now
who says grains are unhealthy number seven tea while green tea is usually the
front runner when it comes to singing the praises of tea and its health
benefits black and white tea are no slouches either when it comes to
improving your health especially when it comes to cholesterol two of the primary
compounds found in tea are catechins and quercetin both of which play an
important role in keeping your heart and cholesterol levels healthy catechins
help your cardiovascular system to activate nitric oxide which as we’ve
said before helps reduce blood pressure within your body as for core certain
this heart pronounced compound is believed to help improve the overall
function of your blood vessels as well as reduce inflammation within them so
was this video helpful for you for all you health food junkies out there what
are some other cholesterol-lowering foods
that we may have carelessly omitted from this video we don’t want to leave any
stones unturned and always want to hear what our viewers have to say so be sure
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  1. For all you health food junkies out there, what are some other cholesterol-lowering foods that we may have carelessly omitted from this video? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Your video typically shows an overweight person on a treadmill, but fails to mention that even very slim people can have very high cholesterol.

  3. Oatmeal is the best. I lowered my cholesterol to a healthy level just by eating oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins everyday for breakfast. It took a few months though, so it took patience.

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