7 Natural Remedies for Bee Stings

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Hey, guys, Dr. Josh Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine, founder of draxe.com. In this video, I’m going to talk about natural
remedies to get rid of bee stings. If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, it can
be painful, can cause swelling, sometimes allergic reaction. But we’ll be talking about what to do immediately
to get relief if you’ve been stung by a bee. Now, first off, say that I’m a big fan of
bees. I think bees are incredible for our environment. I love honey. They’re great pollinators so we do want bees
and lots of them in our general environment. But getting stung is not fun for anyone so
here’s some things you can do if you get stung by a bee yourself, or let’s say a child or
someone you love. Number one, baking soda and water. Baking soda, very, very alkaline in nature
works to neutralize the acid. And so again, baking soda and water is a good
thing to do. By the way, this is also good for poison ivy
or anything that’s causing skin irritation but you’re going to take some water, baking
soda, make it into a paste, rub it on the area, and leave it there. You’ll change it out twice a day. You do want to get air to the area so if you
want to put a bandage over it, you can but you want to allow it to have a little bit
of breathing room there as well. Baking soda, water, great initial thing to
do. Now, ice can also be good for the first, I
would say, 30 minutes after you get a sting. So if somebody get stung, putting ice on it
immediately can definitely be beneficial. You know, getting stung can kind of be like
a burn. If you burn your hand or get stung, you immediately
want to cool the area as quickly as you can. Number three, elevation. Listen, if you get stung in multiple spots
and there’s a lot of swelling in that area, elevating the area can allow the area to better
drain so that can be a good thing to do as well. Number four, apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar works to pull toxins out
of the area. So again, what I’ve oftentimes done is actually
mixed baking soda and apple cider vinegar to area, together rub that on the bee sting. So that can be a good option too is mixing
those two super remedies together. Number five, doing honey. You know, raw local honey, especially, or
Manuka honey, probably my favorite of all for fighting bee stings. Now that seems a little counter-intuitive,
doesn’t it? You got stung by a bee and you’re actually
using what bees created. But the truth is, this is the way nature works. Honey has been used for thousands of years
as a natural remedy to treat everything from acne to poison ivy to open wounds, even issues
like different stings and rashes. Honey is nature’s ultimate remedy, so again,
taking a little bit of local honey or Manuka honey, rubbing it and just leaving it on the
area can help relieve the pain from bee stings. Another one is activated charcoal. Now, activated charcoal today in our society
is actually most commonly used when people experience poisoning. If somebody has alcohol poisoning, if somebody
has consumed something toxic like a child if they shouldn’t have, charcoal binds to
everything and so again, doing charcoal, whether it’s activated charcoal, a type of carbon,
is great for really binding to everything. So you can actually have a bee sting, if you
have it immediately, you want to draw that poison out. Doing activated charcoal in the area is great
for leaching and binding to any type of poison that gets within your system. Again, that’s something that you’d want to
use immediately on the area the next day, probably not as beneficial. And number seven here is witch hazel. Witch hazel actually has some really great
cleansing properties here and there are lot of things in nature. I want to mention a few others as well. Lavender oil is another favorite of mine for
bee stings. So witch hazel, lavender, tea tree oil, but
using plants can also reduce skin irritation helping heal the area. So again, remember those plants: witch hazel,
lavender, and tea tree. And my general recommendations would be these. You know, I love the idea of mixing maybe
a honey with baking soda and rubbing that on the area to star and then also using something. And you can even add to that mixture blend
something like lavender oil. So imagine this blend together, mixing honey
to start, lavender along with baking soda, making that mixture, putting it on the area
can be greatly beneficial. So you can see, here’s a quick rundown. If you get a bee sting or someone you love
does, you can use a baking soda-water mix, ice, elevation, apple cider vinegar, honey,
activated charcoal, witch hazel and other things like essential oils including lavender
and tea tree oil. Hey, you do that, you’re going to get quick
relief from a bee sting. Hey, if you have enjoyed this live training
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27 thoughts on “7 Natural Remedies for Bee Stings

  1. I'm a beekeeper and of course, I've been stung many, many times and I make a paste using baking soda and honey. It immediately works!!

  2. Getting stung is not fun for anyone you can't outrun a bee
    Bees are good but hurt so always be on alert

  3. I was stung by a wasp & applied activated charcoal powder from a capsule. Worked immediately! Activated Charcoal is now my #1 for bee stings!

  4. I shock the sting area as soon as possible with electricity from a low amp charging plug. It denatures the protein in the poison. Works really well.

  5. I use the baking soda and water ( use purified spring water) with making a 3/1 paste, it is smooth and nice relief for many aliments! This year I have heard of spraying turmeric on the outside of your house entrance to keep bugs away and it also is working!

  6. Okay. You suggest mixing baking sofa (alkali) with apple vinegar (acid). Won't these two just react to make a neutral fizzsludge – therefore have 0 affect.

  7. I constantly ask everyone if they mean WASP, hornet or yellow jacket sting! Bees lose their stingers & also their lives to sting, so it's inaccurate & maligning to assume it was a bee. They need to be respcted & appreciated, not feared! Bee aware! <3 <3 <3

  8. Don't baking soda + vinegar= a volcanic experiment for kids? Or do you wait for the reaction to subside & then apply it?

  9. Is it better to take probiotics or activated charcoal for a whole day/everyday bloating?
    I've been eating clean for the last weeks to cure my bloating but still I have no result 🙁

  10. Once the stinger is scraped away. (I have used a credit card) You can cut a slice of an onion and lay it on the sting. I don't know how it works but it does! I just asked my friend Google and this is why the onion works so well.

    Onions are alkaline which neutralizes the acid venom of the wasp sting.

  11. we use the inside membrane of a chicken egg, you can Crack the egg in a dish then remove the membrane from the inside lining of the shell. put a pice of the membrane over the bee sting then let it dry. it will help pull the poison out as well as the stinger if stuck in after dried peel it off to see it absorbed by the membrane, it will feel and heal so much better.

  12. I just got a bee sting. Put raw unfiltered honey on it. Relieved the intensity of the sting immediately. Pretty cool. I rarely get stung. Thanks!

  13. Ya I got stun by a wasp today in the stomach. It really hurt and it made me mad so I went to kill it but he don't like shoes so he gone now.

  14. fantastic…and please add castor oil to bites and stings…draws out the poison!!! thus relieving. I have been grateful for this; when nothing else at hand .

  15. I just now got a bee sting on my foot which was very painful! I came inside and placed about 2 T of baking soda in a hot water tub. When my foot was immersed in the hot water baking soda mixture, it immediately felt better. When the water cooled, I poured the cool mixture into a cup and microwaved it for 1 minute to get it hot and re-immersed my foot which felt so good. This happened about 10 minutes ago and now I am good to go!

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