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seven reasons why you sneeze can the Sun
make you sneeze do you sneeze more often than your buddies are you prone to awful
sneezing fits do you think that maybe you don’t sneeze enough have you ever
wondered why today we’re here to answer that question the reason you might be
sneezing but first here’s something you shouldn’t sneeze at our channel why
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the mysteries of life to you seasonal allergies well if you have
seasonal allergies you might already know why you’re sneezing constantly it’s
all that pollen in the air but did you know that you can actually develop
allergies later in life that’s right if you suddenly experience coughing red
eyes and sneezing you might be developing what are called adult-onset
seasonal allergies but why would you suddenly have allergies we hear you ask
well a New Jersey allergist and spokesperson for the American College of
Allergy Asthma and Immunology says that while we’re born with a genetic
predisposition to either have or not have certain allergies the less you’ve
been exposed to allergies as a kid the more likely you may be to develop
certain allergies as an adult environmental changes might be a factor
as well if you’ve recently moved to a place with higher temperatures and
increased co2 levels that may have contributed to your allergies
speaking of allergens you might be exposed to new different versions of
them as you grow older after all your sweeping up dust now you’re lying on
pillows your mother hasn’t washed and you’re scrubbing old dirty bathtubs but
how can you know if you have adult onset seasonal allergies well Clifford Bassett
MD founder and medical director of allergy and asthma care of New York
might have the answer he says that many people with seasonal allergies have
machine-gun style sneezing that can last for a long time remember those sneezing
fits we talked about those might be because of your newly developed
allergies Sonlight have you ever looked up to the
sky on a bright sunny day catch a glimpse of the Sun and sneezed this
sneezing phenomenon AKA sun sneezing or the achoo syndrome is called the photic
sneeze reflex according to medicine net the photic
sneeze reflex is a disorder characterized by nearly uncontrollable
sneezing provoked in a reflex fashion by the sudden exposure of a dark Apted
subject to intensely bright light usually too brilliant sunlight about 17
to 35 percent of the population is affected by this reflex typically when
it happens a person sneezes two or three times but cases have been known to
sneeze up to 40 times although there is no hard scientific evidence to explain
this phenomenon a hypothesis developed by psychiatrist Henry Everett in 1964
suggests that the reflex could be caused by nerve signals in the brain according
to the hypothesis there are two reflexes which may play a role in sun sneezing
the first reflex called the pupillary light reflex controls bright light which
enters the eyes when bright lights enter the eyes this reflex sends signals to
the brain through the optic nerve this returns signals back to the eyes which
allow them to constrict the pupils the second reflex is the sneeze reflex this
reflex identifies a tickle in the nose the brain is alerted of the tickle which
results in a sneeze for most people these two separate reflexes although
very physically close to one another do not cross the hypothesis claims that for
the Sun sneezers these reflex signals cross paths when exposed to bright light
a signal is sent to the brain to constrict the pupils when exposed to the
bright light but when the signal crosses paths with the sneeze reflex a sneeze
results an alternative theory states that the medulla oblongata the part of
the brain which controls involuntary processes like sneezing may cause this
reflex when the pupils are constricted from sunlight the signals which flow to
the brain could possibly get mixed up if you’ve ever known anyone who sneezes in
the sunlight or if it has ever happened to you
you may now have an answer you have a cold coming on but it’s not wintertime
we hear you say unless it is we don’t really know when you’re watching this
video if it is then you might just have a cold it is one of the most common
reasons people sneeze after all however if it’s not winter then you might still
have a cold turns out colds can pop up whenever and
wherever how can you get a cold in the middle of summer though isn’t the cold
the reason you get well a cold very well health has an explanation for us colds
are caused by viruses not the weather so they can occur at any time of the year
they are more common during the colder months because the virus is able to
spread more easily in cold dry air people also tend to stay indoors more
during the winter months which means they may have more exposure to other
people and their germs but that doesn’t mean they don’t occur during the warmer
months the viruses that cause colds are always around here are some symptoms of
the common cold just so you’re aware runny or stuffy nose sore throat cough
congestion slight body aches or a mild headache low-grade fever generally
feeling unwell and of course sneezing that sounds like a whole lot of
allergies we hear you cry well there are a couple of distinguishers that separate
a common cold from allergies well you can tell if you have a summer cold if
after one or two weeks your symptoms disappear if not then they’re most
likely due to allergies pay attention to your symptoms we know it’s hard not to
if they start mild worsen then return to mild then you most likely just had a
cold and it ran its course the symptoms will come at different times if you have
a cold you’ll experience your symptoms separately as in you won’t have a sore
throat cough and sneezing fits together allergies on the other hand will hit you
like an 18-wheeler all at once symptoms will change if you travel if you move a
bunch and your symptoms suddenly disappear then you probably have
allergies brought on by your environment you went from AC to hot weather turns
out that a switch in temperature can cause you to sneeze especially if the
change is extreme enter the summer and winter months where you go from your
well heated or cooled house into the real wrath of Mother Nature Women’s
Health magazine describes it like this it’s easy to suspect that you might have
allergies if you start sneezing the second you step out but if it stops
after a minute or two it may simply be because of the temperature change you’re
around smokers do you find yourself hanging around with people that smoke
cigarettes do you find that when you’re around those after mentioned people you
sneeze a lot well that could be because cigarette smoke is an irritant well it’s
not an allergy per se it can cause your nose to feel all funny well very
scientific but we have sources trust us the people at Discovery Health say that
smoke has not been proven an allergen but it is certainly an irritant
especially to people who are suffering from asthma or allergies cigarette smoke
both from smoking and from passive smoking is known to increase the risk of
allergies and asthma children are especially vulnerable if you didn’t need
more reasons not to smoke now you shouldn’t even do it because it makes
you sneeze you have some issues with spices
this is especially something to consider if you find yourself in the kitchen and
often your nose might be irritated by certain spices spices like pepper are
especially bad and Clifford Bassett even says that there are some who begin to
sneeze with or after a meal in particular after eating a very spicy
food so if you sneeze while cooking try to stay away from curry and pepper
you’re allergic to pets specifically you might be allergic to pet dander
especially if you were suddenly exposed to a strange dog or cat then even if you
didn’t have those allergies as a kid you might just have them as an adult and pet
dander can even cause sneezing fits eh and so we conclude our video about
sneezing did you find the answer to why you sneeze all the time or did we forget
some of the most important reasons in any case let us know in the comments
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