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asthma is a chronic long-term disease
that causes inflammation and blockage of a person’s Airways while no cure exists
many measures are available that can help people control the condition and
improve their quality of life treatment focuses on a person keeping their
chronic symptoms and check and avoiding triggers while receiving quick relief
during severe flare-ups welcome to the health room here are
seven surprising asthma treatments that you should know number one leafy greens
like fruits vegetables do contain useful minerals and other compounds that can
ward off asthma triggering factors nutritionists suggest that leafy greens
can provide the required amount of folate vitamin b9 to your body the
nutrients to control inflammation and help clear Airways allowing you to
breathe without obstruction you can also incorporate walnuts and red kidney beans
to obtain maximum folate number two eucalyptus oil eucalyptol is present in
eucalyptus oil and makes it great for clearing out blocked nasal passageways
since it has the ability to break down mucus you need to be inhaling eucalyptus
oil for it to work to put some drops on a towel or napkin and put it close to
your nose when you’re sleeping to ensure a good night’s rest you can also put a
few drops in a bowl of boiled hot water and inhale the steam directly to
facilitate your breathing number three mustard oil for immediate asthma relief
mustard oil is one of the best emergency home remedies there is the mustard oil
we’re talking about here is the fatty oil containing isothiocyanates made from
pressing the mustard seeds this is different from mustard essential oil
which is a medicinal oil sold in small quantities that you should avoid
applying directly to your skin mustard seed oil can provide relief from an
asthma attack and help open the air passageways improving lung function
massage a mixture of warm mustard oil and salt into your chest several times
daily until symptoms subside number four onions including onions in your regular
menu or your daily diet can help with your asthma they make everyone cry and
they are pungent yes but they’re great in conditions like asthma which are
inherently inflammatory red onions are jam-packed with antioxidants
anti-inflammatory antibacterial undaunted viral properties all
this combined with the vitamin C and them make them one of the greatest
natural cures for asthma onions stimulate the excretory organs and are
termed as nature’s very own antibiotics because of how affected they are for
asthma number five garlic you should consider
turning to garlic if you are looking for home remedies which provide quick relief
from asthma symptoms one way to take garlic for asthma is to boil ten to
twelve cloves and half a cup of water and drinking it once a day garlic has a
lot of anti-inflammatory properties which make it a miracle-worker against
asthma since asthma is an inflammatory disease studies and evidence suggest
that garlic is good for not only reducing but also curing asthma symptoms
over time number six ginger this superfood is
extremely efficient in its fight against asthma you can use it in dry raw and
fresh forms to treat all kinds of respiratory conditions it has
antioxidant and analgesic properties its components have ND inflammatory
properties which make it as effective at reducing inflammation as non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs it clears excess mucus and swelling from
the passageways leading to the lungs and also relaxes them number seven bromelain
bromelain is an extract from pineapples one of the theories about how it works
is that it is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties in one
study researchers at the University of Connecticut found that bromley and
reduced airway inflammation in animals with allergic airway disease
bromelain should not be used by people with allergies to pineapples side
effects may include digestive upset and allergic reactions asthma attacks can
become very serious very quickly and they can come on suddenly because of
this you should have a plan in place established with your doctor that is you
prepared for any potential future attacks this will help you or your loved
ones to act quickly keeping symptoms at bay and preventing
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