7 tips to control asthma in hay fever season

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– Hello, I’m Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life
and onlinefirstaid.com. Today, I’m going to give you six or seven top tips to help
you control your asthma, particularly this time of year where the pollen can be a real problem. 80% of asthma sufferers find that pollen is a particular trigger, so talk to your asthma nurse or doctor and get some extra advice to
help you over this period. When your body reacts to
pollen it releases histamine, and histamine is a known
trigger for asthma. And for hay fever too. If you are asthmatic
and you have hay fever, the important thing is
to prepare in advance. So, as you know you’re coming
up to hay fever season, start taking your preventer medications and get them well and truly dosed up in your body in preparation. Take your antihistamines too, to make sure that they are dampening down the likelihood of you having a response to the histamine that’s produced. When you are taking
your asthma medication, your brown ones are your preventers and your blue one is your reliever inhaler for when you have an attack. And it’s really important
that if you have a spacer, that you are using it. And if you haven’t got a spacer and you find that when
you’re taking your inhalers they hit the back of your throat or the back of your
tongue and make you cough, then ask for a spacer. Because these spacers make it far easier for you to take your medication and they have been shown that the efficacy of your medication is far better because it’s being delivered
straight to your airway where you need it. So, if you’ve got a spacer, use it. If you haven’t got a spacer,
consider getting one. Use your medication. Make sure you are using these religiously, and carry this one with you at all times. You should always have your blue inhaler. Your inhaler may look different to this because there’s Spinhalers and Autohalers and all different other ones, but it’s the blue one
you need in an emergency. The brown one is steroid-based and that dampens down your
likelihood of having a response, of having an allergic reaction. Now, with your antihistamines,
this one’s fexofenadine but there’s all sorts of other ones that you can buy over the counter, too. This one’s prescription only. With your antihistamines, make sure you are taking them
according to instructions, and make sure you start taking them a bit before the pollen
season starts hitting. If you have been prescribed
one of these nasal sprays and the eye drops as well,
start taking them beforehand because these take a good two weeks to actually dampen down your sensitivity and make it less likely that
you will have a reaction. So, you do need to prepare in advance. That’s not to say it’s too
late if you haven’t done it, but if you can, preparing
in advance is good. Now, fexofenadine – important
information on this. It says on it do not take with
orange juice or grapefruit, and that is because orange
juice and grapefruit can combine with this medication and they can reduce its
efficacy dramatically. I mean that the medication
won’t be working properly. So, do not take it with
orange juice or grapefruit. If you’re taking any of
the other antihistamines and they don’t seem to be
working as well as they were or they don’t seem to be working
for you, try another one. They all work slightly differently. And you can also save yourself some money if you have a look at the
generic name of the medication and ask your pharmacist
if they are offering a generic version of it. It’ll be the same stuff, but it’s not got the fancy branding. So, it’s worth asking. And also, be very
mindful of the medication that can cause drowsiness, and if you are affected by your medication and it’s making you drowsy, change it. So, this is over-the-counter medication. Talk to your pharmacist,
get advice from them, and they will help you to control your
hay fever, and in controlling that, that should help prevent
your asthma attacks as well. Also, alcohol contains histamine, so if you are suffering
particularly badly from asthma or from hay fever at the moment, then cut down on the alcohol because that will be adding in
that little bit of histamine and making it harder to
control your symptoms. And I hope that’s been helpful. So, enjoy it outside. If it’s a really dry, windy day, don’t go for a nice country walk because it will make your hay fever worse. And keep an eye on the pollen count. The weather forecast will
give you pollen count updates on a daily basis, too. So, enjoy the spring and summer, and thank you for listening. That’s Emma Hammett
from First Aid for Life and onlinefirstaid.com.

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