74 Yr Old Patient Who’s Reversed Diabetes Success Story

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

Uh so when I first started this, I was overweight,
couldn’t breathe, had COPD bad, and was on an inhaler, and now that Dr. Elperin has been
working with us, I’ve lost 30lbs and I got rid of my inhaler and now walking from – well,
started out about a half of a mile, just walking around the part of the golf course to now
i’m walking Manashtash Ridge, 3 miles up, 3 miles down. Takes me about an hour and ten minutes and
there’s still quite a bit of snow up there but its beautiful. I feel a lot better, it’s helped my diabetes,
pretty near got it under control and my blood pressure and cholesterol are both doing great
so if you get a chance, this is where to come!

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