8 Toxic Foods Banned Around the World But Not in the USA

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On today’s episode, I’m going to be talking
to you about eight toxic foods that are banned in other countries but surprisingly not in
the U.S.A. and so this is shocking. I remember years ago reading some of these
articles and research in areas in Europe and in places like New Zealand and Japan, there
were all of these things that were banned by those countries but were allowed to be
in the food and the skincare and body products in the U.S. that were legal but they had even
been linked to severe side effects such as hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, cancer,
organ failure and a whole lot more. So prepare to be surprised by some of the
things I share with you today. By the way, hey, help me spread this message. There are people still eating these foods,
even some of them labeled as health foods and people do not know that these foods are
toxic to their body. So take a minute right now, help me spread
this message, take a minute and punch your share button, click your love button, let’s
help spread the word on the foods that we all should be staying away from on a regular
basis. So let’s jump into point number one here. Farmed salmon. Now listen, I read an article a few years
ago that was titled, “Tilapia is Worse for You than Bacon.” We know tilapia is the most common, along
with salmon, farm-raised fish available on the market today. And farm-raised fish, just think about this,
they swim in a really small enclosed area. And the diet that they’re fed is full of,
and by the way, on my article I actually have a list of the foods they’re fed of fish feed
but it’s genetically modified corn, genetically modified soy, sugar, hydrogenated oils and
that’s pretty much it. That’s what they eat, and actually food colorings
and other chemicals. That’s what those fish eat. When those fish eat all those toxins, remember
this principle, you are what you eat what they ate. If a cow eats grasses, that are full of omega-3s,
reduces inflammation. If a cow eat grains and GMO corn, they’re
full of omega-6 fats that cause inflammation. Same with fish. If fish feed on other fish and algae and bugs
and these things that are real food for them, their tissues are typically full of like salmon,
their tissues are full of omega-3 fats. In fact salmon, if it’s wild caught, is one
of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods on the planet, but farm-raised salmon contains
high levels of dioxins and PCBs, which have been linked to liver and kidney failure and
cancer. So, liver failure, kidney failure, cancer
from farm-raised fish. Stay completely away from farm-raised fish
and this might surprise you. A lot of times when you’re eating out, you
might see salmon on the menu. Okay. Well if it says Atlantic salmon, you know
that it’s farm-raised. Most Pacific, Alaskan, those are wild caught
salmon. Sockeye, king salmon, those are the types
of salmon you want to be getting in your diet. But Atlantic or farm salmon you do not want
to be consuming because of the toxins, the dioxins, the PCBs that live in salmon. And hey, help me spread this message because
there are people out there eating fish, think they’re doing their body good. It’s only doing your body good if it’s wild
caught. Another surprising one is dairy products. Now the dairy industry has been telling you
for a long time that milk builds strong bones. Milk is great for your body. I remember as a kid seeing that young boy
drink the milk. I don’t know if you remember this commercial
and he would be a little boy and then he would drink a glass of milk and he would look like
this big, strong, strapping young guy. This is a joke but it really was an illusion. It was all the hormones that made him grow
that fast. But anyways just to say this. There are chemicals like RBST and RBGH. This is recumbent bovine growth hormone. There are loads of steroids and growth hormones
that are still found in our conventional dairy products today. And this is something that is actually banned
in Europe, in Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. And it’s not just RBGH, there are a number
of other steroids and growth hormones found in our dairy supply. Hey, organic raw milk is fine. Coconut milk, almond milk, stay away from
all conventional dairy. Make sure if you’re buying dairy, it is certified
organic or raised organically from a local farmer. Again this is a big surprise for a lot of
people. Listen, in fact, there was a study found on
our milk supply that actually said there are average of 21 chemicals and medications in
your average glass of milk that you buy at the convenience store and again, go organic
with dairy and help me spread the message with this. All right, olestra. This is found in fat free chips. Listen, when you see something that says low
fat or no fat on the label, that typically means run in the other direction. Typically no fat and low fat products, there’s
actually . . . this is banned in the U.K. and Canada. Olestra is found in fat free chips. I think there’s actually a lot more countries
it’s banned in now. But olestra actually was causing diarrhea
and leaky gut syndrome, intestinal permeability, which we know over time can lead to other
health issues. So olestra, fat free chips, again, it destroys
the small intestine, the gut lining. Stay away from that chemical. It’s a big no-no. Next one here, GMO papaya, and I want to mention
this along with fat free chips, when you’re buying chips today, buy chips that are made
with coconut oil or avocado oil. Those are probably the two most stable oils
with chips. I like Jackson’s Honest Chips. There’s also brands that use avocado oil. Those tend to be more stable and better oils
if you’re going to buy potato chips. GMO papaya, this might surprise you now. Maybe you don’t eat a lot of papaya, but there’s
a lot of genetically modified food. You want to stay away from all GMO foods. But GMO foods, specifically papaya, is banned
throughout the entire European Union. I want to know, why aren’t GMOs banned throughout
the United States yet? They should be. We’re actually changing the actual natural
foods that God created for the worse. We’re killing off bees. That’s a whole other topic. I don’t want to get into too big of a rant
there. The next one here is BVO, that’s brominated
vegetable oil. These are flame retardants, they’re actually
found in sports drinks and soda. So there’s a soda, I don’t want to mention
a brand because I don’t want to get a letter in the mail from them, but a soda, and it’s
a bright yellow greenish color. Those are flame retardants. It’s brominated vegetable oil they’re adding
to those chemicals. They’re adding flame retardants to our kids’
sports drinks into sodas today. BVOs, these have been linked to thyroid problems. They’re been linked to intestinal inflammation
throughout the entire body. We know most diseases today are inflammatory
in nature. Arthritis is inflammation of your joints. Ulcerative colitis is inflammation of the
colon. You know, a lot of kids today that struggle
with ADHD that in part is caused by leaky gut syndrome which then affects the brain. So BVO and these flame retardants absolutely
contribute to all of those issues. So when you see a brightly colored slushy
or a soft drink or soda or a sports drink, those are chemicals they added, and some of
them are flame retardants, those are banned in the entire European Union, all over Europe. They’re banned in Japan. They are still legal in the U.S. today. It is crazy that this is still going on and
possible. Number six, of course, smoking tobacco. Now, praise the lord that so many of the restaurants
today and bars and things have actually banned smoking because we know that secondhand smoke,
not even doing it yourself, secondhand smoke has been linked to cancer. It’s one of the biggest cancer causers, and
actually in Bhutan in Asia, an area of Asia, it’s been completely banned altogether. And I wouldn’t argue that because think about
how secondhand smoke, it’s not just affecting the person smoking, it’s affecting everyone
around them. Number seven here, yellow #5 and #6. I want to read off some of the side effects
here of yellow #5. It’s been linked to asthma, migraine headaches,
thyroid cancer, anxiety, clinical depression, and skin inflammation over time. Again, when you’re eating these cereals and
different foods with yellow #5 and #6 for you and your kids. Stay completely away from those. And last but not least, conventional chicken. When you’re buying meat products, whether
it be beef or chicken, go organic. Arsenic in chicken or conventional chicken
is banned throughout the European Union. Arsenic is used in chicken feed today. We want to stay completely away from those
pesticides, those chemicals. When you’re buying chicken, turkey, any type
of meat, if you go organic, you’re going to know it’s not going to contain those high
levels of arsenic and other chemicals. We know excess arsenic actually can deposit
in the brain and nerve tissue causing neurological disease over time. It’s something that you absolutely want to
stay completely away from. So remember, stay away from these eight toxic
foods. Listen, these are banned all over the world,
they’re just not banned in the U.S. Hey, do me a favor, help be on mission with me, help
spread the message. There are millions of people across the U.S.
that are being poisoned and they don’t even know it. Let’s let them know, take a second right now
by simply sharing this, you might be saving someone’s life. So stay away from farmed salmon, conventional
dairy, fat free chips with olestra, GMO foods such as GMO corn and papaya and soy. Flame retardants, those brightly fake colored
soft drinks and sports drinks. Smoking tobacco, yellow #5, #6, and conventional
meat products especially arsenic laced chicken. Again, these things should be banned in the
U.S. And listen, when we all band together as one
and make our voices known, I guarantee you in the future we’re going to see some of these
things are going to be banned because you spoke up, you shared this message guys. Hey don’t forget, Monday through Friday, 10:30
a.m. Central standard time, you’re going to see
myself and my buddy Jordan Rubin teaching you how to use food as medicine. Hey, thanks for watching guys. We’ll be back with another episode tomorrow. Hi Dr. Axe here, want to say thanks so much
for checking out this YouTube video, also don’t forget to subscribe. If you want to get more great content on things
like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies and how to use food as medicine, also check
out more of our content on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “8 Toxic Foods Banned Around the World But Not in the USA

  1. just because it labelled organic DOES NOT mean it is. It's a easy way to increase profits until they are caught lying about their product.

  2. your description of feed formulation in tilapia feed is incorrect. it undermines your overall argument. there is no secret about the ingredients in farmed fish. their feed is formulated by nutritionists to optimize their health.

  3. most of these foods are not banned all over the world and where they might be banned, its a trade issue not a health issue.

  4. our country doesn't care what's in the food. America is about big $ always will be. as long as as it gets the money from us and we keep buying these harmful foods. we are keeping the richb, rich.

  5. Be vegan and eat organic as much as possible. Stay away from sickness, good health is something money can't even buy.

  6. Incredible how other countries actually banned things bad for their people yet the U.S dosent give an F. It's sad that we look at food ingredients and see 30 things yet only know 1. Disgusting what we eat no wonder everyone here has diseases or dying of cancer.

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  8. I appreciate you sharing your SHORT LIST of "foods" to stay away from. OUR Proactive steps w/Organic & Wellness in mind can be fruitful yet at this point NOT merely enough. Organic Suppliers have lobbied an allowable amount of grey area where they can do some of the Convential Methods and still be labeled Organic. Majority of Americans are bombarded from ALL ANGLES with UNNATURAL POISONS: With OUR Air; Water; Food; Frequent Inactivity; Negative Media/Entertainment; DAILY Competition Stress; Abuse of Chaos- Electromagnetic Devices, Etc. For Instance 10oz Cup of COFFEE removes 12OZ of ur Water Reserve CHRONIC DEHYDRATION is the Premise of ALL Diseases.
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    I'm a vegan so I don't eat moat of these stuff, but I have to say this Dr. is like very few. Medicine nowadays is a huge business and most doctors don't don't inform the patients.

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  22. I am glad these people are revealing these truths,but now we have those greedy business just go and increase the prices of organic healthy foods.


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    With almost no dairy in my diet I absolutely feel better! I'm also going to start shopping at Whole Foods for my essentials(produce and meats).

    With some education it's fairly simple to make good decisions on food! Also, for the people that claim "it's to expensive", try cutting out that Starbucks 3-4 times a week and invest in something good for you! Prioritize your body over bullshit!

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  30. We all know to stay away from fat free chips, no chips are fat free (That I know of) and lucky for me I don’t eat anything on this list, but I’m what we are supposed to be, FREAKING A OMNIVORE I’m not against strict carnivores or vegans but, slowly we are causing our own extinction due to us being strict vegans or strict omnivores. We are wasting and we all know Tobacco is toxic, and I normally eat avocados when I do eat my meals, and I went to the doctor today they said I’m in perfect health. And I think you mean by the flame retardants is Pepsi I’m not to sure, but I actually use actual blue Berries for my slushees and you can eat yellow #5 and #6 but not all the time you can like eat it but not that much but I agree with you, my friend has A.D.H.D. But it’s not because of the soda. She rarely drinks soda or really anything that has sugar except for my low sugar slushes and I’m sure that I’m a perfect health kind of person except that I have anxiety and archnidphobia and I still enjoy tarantulas.

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    2. GMO will help us cut down on pesticides by producing disease resistant crops. It will also end famine by making crops that can grow in very harsh or dry environments, like in the Horn of Africa.
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