85 Asthma & Painful Memories Buried Alive – Faster EFT

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I have a question about you mentioned the guy with the asthma and I know you probably had a private session with them but how do you discern or how can a person discern for themselves what the emotions are that need to be cleaned out with a given physical symptom like say if the guy had had a session with you and he went home to tap on his asthma and maybe or something else and didn’t know necessarily what the bottled-up emotions were okay that’s a good question that’s a very good question the deal is what I will do is have somebody come in and they share like with asthma and then it was actually a lady who had asthma she did see me about four or five times before that and we addressed specific issues issues of being nearly suffocated issues of being trapped and other abuses and several different events all tied together asthma the physical pains my belief is your physical pains Express the emotional traumas okay now if you look in asthma asthma has a lot to it and you go a childhood asthma and oftentimes they have the same basic feeling whose being suffocated having no control suffocated love helplessness there’s all kinds of emotions behind it I knew that but at the day that she came in and said okay sure cure my asthma said okay let’s do it one hour asthma completely gone we’re talk about severe adult asthma have purpura fire in her car inhalers she had a specialized doctor she she couldn’t drive by herself so I always had to drive for her life totally changed that one session well it built up to that session I believe I had to clear all that stuff up I believe such as asthma you have to go back and I’m going to tell you this is what your homework assignment is in your spiral notebook the peace program write down every emotional trauma in your life every event that’s ever had a negative impact why do you do that I’ll tell you why you went out to your car today or this evening and you drove here you didn’t wake up with this wonderful skill called driving today your driving skill you go out to your car now you just jump in and drive it you didn’t think about how to drive do you when you experience those events those emotions attached to those experience are put in your closet now the closet is there now you’ll never want to go look in the closet but the crazy thing is while you’re driving down the road a song on the radio will play and something will fall out that closet hit you in the head and all of a sudden you have this problem the cool thing about memories of the past is this one one one key the past is over it’s not real anymore but this write this down you got it memories buried alive never die memories buried alive never die what is being buried alive being buried alive means when it is a live when you step back into that memory oh shoot grabs you that means if it’s inside you now the cool thing is guys it’s all you now you’re not being abused by whoever it was and if you go back to the memory and you keep replaying it guess who’s the abuser is now yourself so this is yours that’s the cool thing now what happens is how many know what hypnosis is hypnosis is a state of mind you know hypnosis has been going on all your life when you’re sitting watching TV today when you went back inside yourself and you were thinking about a problem that you’re addressing that’s a form of hypnosis it’s a state it’s using your imagination and what you do when you go back to those memories and you jump into it and you feel as if it were real and you’re a little five-year-old girl again or boy that’s hypnosis the cool thing is you can break the trance the tapping destroys the emotional state that you were in you are so powerful you are so powerful you can create bad feelings like this as well as good whichever one you choose to practice you get really good at I want you to release the past build the positive states in your happy journal book and that’s what we’re going to do next week I’m going to walk you through a little bit of this you’re in control in your peace program book write down those issues those events if you wanted to lose weight I want you to write down the things they said about you and wait those mean things they said about you the things about your body or things about how they teased you or whatever it is we’ve got to destroy the emotions attached to it when you look at your body what is it you say about yourself what somebody else said about you write it down we want to destroy those emotions in it and we want to have 100% peace and the moment you have peace in that you really transform if you really want to lose weight I suggest not trying to lose weight I suggest gaining personal power because I’m telling you you could lose weight and there are people who weigh the same weight you would like to weigh and you know what they’re not even happier than you are they really aren’t and you think you’re gonna get down there you’re gonna be happy I’m gonna tell you something it won’t happen unless you change right here first there are people said I’ve got down to that hundred fifty pounds ate nothing but cabbage soup and and starved myself and I did all this and when I got there I was just as miserable there as I was before I started I might as well eat and be fat and miserable you have to change you first that’s what the program is all about personal power love yourself and that’s where it’s all going to begin alright guys I have a little handout any other questions with that any other questions now this is now we’re going to do a lot of different things and we’re going to really address a lot of stuff and we’re gonna hit hard and hit fast said Bree you’re crazy okay if you do not have a favorite food I suggest bringing a food that you know that you eat that’s probably not good for you anything with aspartame in it if it’s soda bring soda bring something I mean if it’s if you’re if you’re using as a comfort food that’s what I suggest or see some people may not have what you call a favorite food you may not you may have and we may have to address programs that you use to eat when you’re not hungry cleaning your plate buffet get your money’s worth and we will do that there’s got to be a program that’s something going on or just something you eat commonly that you know that you probably do much of you know the grocery store everything in grocery store

2 thoughts on “85 Asthma & Painful Memories Buried Alive – Faster EFT

  1. "physical pain expresses emotional trauma" sooooo true. eventually all medicine will figure this out.

  2. Interesting! I was chatting with a friend the other day and mentioned that i couldn't do something career wise because i had epilepsy and was denied… and i mentioned that I actually wondered if they were brought on by trauma and helped block out my memories as coping mechanism! the memories were buried alive and now i feel i need to recover and release them…
    You Rock! <3

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