9 Poses Yoga  For Cough and Phlem In Chest  (Medicinal Yoga)

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hey guys welcome to jivayogalive my name
is Claire today we’re gonna do about a sequence about yoga poses for cough and
phlegm alright guys we are going to start on our mats today so we are gonna
be using one blog it’s not necessary but I like to use it to sit on as we go
through yoga poses for cuff and flatten we’re also gonna be doing a little
pranayama today to help loosen the mucus that we have all congested in our chest
and our lungs we want to warm our body up from the inside and help balance that
that lymph it lymphatic system in our body to bring it back to balance so we
are going to start in easy pose or hero’s pose I’m gonna start with on my
knees and gently sliding the block horizontally underneath our glutes so
your legs are gonna spread out a little bit your toes out by your sides here but
your knees are gonna be together and the block is gonna be gently right under
your sitting bones we’re gonna start with a little alternating nostril
breathing to kind of help Center our body and bring it back to a state of
balance before we continue on with our practice today so you can be sitting in
a hero or easy pose and just start to lengthen your spine up nice and tall
close your eyes release your hands down by your sides here take a full breath in
and a full exhale out just grounding yourself into your body
and this practice here cause we transition from one practice of life
into the other releasing any stress or thoughts that you’re holding on to and
just coming back to your conscious breathing for alternated nostril
breathing we’re going to be using our right thumb and our right pointer finger
so this is a variation we’re going to use our right thumb to plug our right
nostril exhale out all the air through the left nostril inhale left nostril for
a count of two three four you using your pointer finger plug both
nostrils and hold shut for two three four release your thumb and exhale out
the right nostril for two three four pause at the bottom inhale through your
right nostril two three four plug both nostrils at a hold for two three four
release your pointer finger and exhale out your left nostril for two three four
pause this is one round we’ll do one more inhale left nostril two three four
plug both nostrils at a hold for two three four release your thumb and exhale
right nostril two three four pause inhale right nostril two three four plug
both nostrils at a hold two three four and release your finger and exhale left
nostril two three four release both hands take a full breath in and a full
exhale out alternative nostril breathing brings the
body back into balance it brings that breath as we bring it from one side to
the other so it really helps calm our mind here the next one llamo we’re going
to be doing is Lions breath so you can do this sitting on your knees or
cross-legged but hands come to your left we’re going to lengthen our spine open
up our chest here take an inhale through our nose and then stick out your tongue
as far as you can and exhale it out like inhale deeply stick out your tongue
exhale completely so Lions breath is really good because
we’re opening up that lymphatic system and we’re creating space in our chest
and then our lungs to remove any coffin phlegm
we have going on our body so we’re gonna do five rounds of that lines breath
together inhaling through your nose and exhaling almost like kissing it out
through your mouth hands on your lap inhale stick out your tongue inhale three more last one here put your
tongue back into your mouth here just take a cleansing breath in and a full
exhale out you can start to relieve some tension in your chest and your lungs
here getting rid of that coffin that phlegm so now we’re going to flip on
over onto our belly down to kind of open up our chest and our lungs here to find
some more breathing room so you can remove the block here and flip over onto
your stomach coming down on towards the mat just gently keep your knees on the
ground bend your elbows and lower down all the way towards the ground press the
tops of the toes in towards the ground here take your gaze down and your hands
are directly underneath your shoulders exhale out all of your air to prepare
inhale for baby Cobra lift your chest lift your heart your hands can stay on
the ground or you can let them off if you’re feeling strong today press the
tops of the toes in towards the mat release any tension in the glutes here
you want the strength to be coming from your spine keep your gaze down to
lengthen the back of your neck here full breath in pull exhales out we’re opening
up the chest here we’re lengthening lungs inviting little more breath breathe in and exhale gently coming down
release your hands down by your sides one cheek to the mat the pause for a
moment to rest bringing your chin back to the center
bend your knees and go up it outside edges of your feet take your legs
parallel towards the ground gaze down exhale out all of your air
inhale press into your feet kick your legs off the ground lift your chest lift
your legs here release your gluts a nice big breath in full exhales out it’s okay
if you rock a little bit here we’re opening up the lungs the chest creating
more space more room to get rid of any mucus coughing phlegm that we have going
on full breath in shoulder blades come together
open the chest the collarbone full exhales out gently release and coming
back to the mat hands down by your sides and windshield wiper your legs side to
side this removes any tension in the lower spine and then relax your legs
down on towards the ground bring your chin back towards the center
here hands underneath your shoulders and your elbows push yourself up tuck your
toes under and come up into downward facing dog
so we have our hands and legs spread nice and long coming into the inverted V
shape spread all ten fingers really wide and then really press into the thumb and
the pointer finger the heel of the palm strengthen your shoulders send your hips
up and I melt your heels down towards the ground totally cool if they don’t
touch them just take a breath in and breath out take your gaze towards your
fingertips and start to walk your toes closer towards your hands bending your
knees here come into a forward fold we want our feet about hip width distance
apart place the soft better than these release the hands down towards the
ground lease your head and your neck reach your hands to your lower spine and
interlace your hands here coming into a chest opener we want to reach your hands
up and over towards the top of our mat sending the weight into our toes or
telling lines up towards the sky so we’re opening up the chest we’re
compressing just slightly but still finding length and opening and the
collar bone in the chest to create space for our lungs full breath in full exhale
out finding a gentle compression here
trusting your balance you won’t fall I promise and exhale release your hands
down towards the ground here wrapping your first two fingers around the big
toes of each of your feet here start with your knees bent release your head
and your neck coming into big toe stand so you’re going to begin to straighten
your legs and your hamstrings sending your tailbone up the weight comes into
your toes lengthen your spine here as you inhale and then grab your big toes
as you exhale bending the knees here trying to make that forehead to knee
connection you can bend your elbows to help pull you down breathe in to
lengthen the spine and exhale fold a little bit deeper one more breath inhale and exhale
release the grip on your toes here you can walk your hands out bring your hands
to your shins coming into a halfway lift shoulder blades come together lengthen
the spine gaze down and then exhale your hands back towards the mat start to bend
your knees here and come on down to the ground walk your knees out wide towards
the edge of the mat and your big toes together coming into a wide legged
Child’s Pose sending your hips down closer towards your heels they don’t
have to touch but totally cool wherever they’re at
and then just walking your hands forward coming into Child’s Pose extended with
our arms in front of us then relaxing your head down towards the ground take
full breaths in full exhales out breathing in and breathing out lifting your head off the ground start
to walk your fingertips back towards the center line of your body close your
knees and flip over on to your bottom these are yoga poses today for a cough
and phlegm we really wanted to open and lengthen the chest here creating more
space you guys did awesome thank you for joining namaste thank you for joining us
today guys you did amazing if you liked this video and want to shoot us a
comment in the link below there’s a subscribe button we would love to hear
from you and we’ll see you next time

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