A 5-Minute Japanese Massage to Tone Up Your Face Muscles

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If you’re a girl, you probably have all
kinds of masks, creams, and other facial care stuff that’s crowding your bathroom shelf.
But did you know that you can effectively lift your face and improve your skin tone
with nothing more than your own hands? The technique I’m talking about is called Korugi,
and it’s a face massage that works wonders. Korugi massage was invented by a Japanese
therapist Chiyo Hayashi, and it targets not just the skin itself but the layers of fat
and muscle tissue beneath. You see, with age, the fat in your face redistributes itself,
accumulating in some areas more than in others. Also, your facial muscles start to sag with
time — like any other muscle in your body, they need exercise to stay toned. These factors
contribute to changes in how your face looks when you age. So it’s not all collagen inside
your skin! What Korugi massage does is tone your facial
muscles and dissipate the fat under your skin. In other words, it targets both of the factors
I just mentioned, and by the end of the course, you’ll see definite changes in the shape
of your face. But before we proceed with this fascinating
routine itself, make sure your health actually allows it. Korugi massage is quite intense,
and it requires rather energetic friction to be applied to your face. That’s why you
should first and foremost consider whether you have ENT diseases, lymphatic system disorders,
chronic skin conditions, or facial wounds. If you do, then Korugi isn’t for you. Also,
it’s crucial to consult your doctor before doing this massage because you may damage
your skin or muscles in the process. But enough talk, let’s get down to business
already! The massage takes 7 steps. Wash your hands, take some massage oil, grab a mirror
to look at how you’re doing, and get started! 1. Cheek lifting
Clench your fists and put your elbows on the table. Place your fists against your cheekbones
with your fingers looking inside. Relax your face muscles completely and gently press your
knuckles against them. Stay like this for 5 seconds.
This is a basic routine, so don’t be surprised it’s that easy. You always start with something
simple, right? Anyway, when applying pressure, don’t overdo it: the press should be firm
but not painful. 2. Forehead slide
Raise your head and tilt it back a little bit. Clench your fists again and press your
middle finger knuckles on your forehead along the hairline. Relax your face and let it you’re
your fingers. Without lifting the pressure, slide your knuckles towards your temples and
then further to earlobes. Continue sliding and pressing down along your neck until you
reach the collarbones. 3. Cheek work
Lock your hands together with your thumbs joined but straight. This movement is done
with their help, so you’ll need them free. Put the tip of your right thumb right under
the inner corner of your left eye, beside the nose. Apply pressure and slide the thumb
to the left, towards the ear. When you get there, press and slide down the neck to the
collarbone. Repeat that last part 2 or 3 more times. Now do the same for the right part
of your face, pressing and sliding with the tip of your left thumb. 4. Forehead smoothing
This movement is done with the help of your fists again. Put your forearms together with
the fingers of your both hands looking at you. Place your knuckles slightly above your
eyebrows, press, and rub them toward your hairline. Now bring your hands back to the
eyebrows but slightly apart this time, and repeat the upwards rubbing motion. Continue
until your whole forehead has been smoothed this way. 5. Eye rubbing
Clench your fists once more (see the pattern yet?) and raise your eyebrows. Close your
eyes, stick out the knuckles of your index and middle fingers, and rub your brows with
them. You should start at the inner part of the brow, moving outwards, and keeping the
brow in-between the knuckles. 6. Pulling up the lower parts
Keep your hands the way you held them for the previous movement, with two of your fingers
sticking out from the fist. Relax your face, especially your jaw line, and don’t create
any resistance. Now put the two sticking out knuckles of your both hands on your chin,
just below the corners of the mouth. Press and pull the skin from the chin upwards, towards
your temples. Apply some force, but don’t forget not to make it painful. Repeat this
movement 7-8 times in total. 7. Finishing touches
Now all this stress you’ve just applied to your face needs to be relieved, right?
Open up your palms and join the tips of your fingers on your forehead. Smoothly slide your
hands down to your temples, and from there move towards your neck and finally your collarbones.
You should feel the tension going away as you do this. Repeat the motion until your
face feels relaxed again. And this is it for the 7-step facial massage!
So, do you want to know what exactly you’ve done just now? Let me break it down for you,
then. Like I said at the beginning, Korugi massage
tones your muscles and redistributes the fat, making your face look youthful. But that’s
far from the only benefit it has! In fact, Japanese and Korean adepts of this technique
say that, if performed correctly, Korugi can even reshape your bone structure.
Now don’t get all “Whaaat?!” — that’s not me who’s saying that! But the fact’s
a fact: with age, your facial bones might become slightly displaced, changing your overall
looks. What Korugi allegedly does is return them to their initial position, making you
look as young and beautiful as you’ve ever been. Unfortunately, you can’t really check
it without a full-blown medical examination and probably an X-ray, so you’ll have to
trust the massage therapists’ words. Anyway, the results of the massage are still
rather obvious, and there’s much more to it than bone setting and muscle toning. First
of all, while pulling and pressing on your skin like this, you make the lymphatic fluid
move, which removes any signs of swelling and puffiness from your face. That includes
those dark circles and bags under your eyes too!
Secondly, your blood flow increases thanks to all this exercise, which is beneficial
for your skin. Good blood supply is necessary for that healthy, rose-cheeked look, and it
also helps get the necessary vitamins and nutrients to your face. They’re carried
by blood, you know, so making your vessels work is one of the best things you can do
for your face! Thirdly, your skin becomes more elastic as
it is pulled and filled with a healthy amount of lymph and blood. Elasticity is normally
attributed to collagen, and that’s quite correct, but you don’t really have to buy
all the collagen-containing masks in your local store to look younger. Your body produces
this protein on its own, you just need to activate it and make it work. Korugi massage
does that well enough, and your skin becomes free of small wrinkles in no time. In fact,
if you do it at least once a week, it can even get you rid of deeper wrinkles too! Buh-bye,
expression lines! And finally, Korugi massage helps reshape
your face oval, making your features look sharper. This happens because, as you age,
your skin starts sagging, making your face sort of blurred. Facial muscles that you don’t
use every day also become lax, and we all know what happens when we don’t train other
muscles in our body, right? Well, facial ones are no exception. So when you press and pull
on your skin with some force, you wake them up and they start working for your benefit.
As a result, your face stops sliding down with age and retains its original features
for much longer. Just one thing to note, though: don’t be
surprised if your face starts aching the day after you’ve done the massage. That’s
a common reaction of your muscles that haven’t seen any exercise for a while. Continue doing
this massage on a regular basis, and your face will stop hurting, promise.
So would you like to give the Korugi massage a try? Let me know down in the comments! If
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100 thoughts on “A 5-Minute Japanese Massage to Tone Up Your Face Muscles

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