A case of child asthma. Substantial results with I

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Dr : What was Ayush’s health issue? He used to have frequent cold Cough with expectoration Breathlessness But now everything is reduced and he does not need inhalers now Dr : Since how many years Ayush was having this problem? Since 2 years, when he was 6 months old Dr : Before starting Homeopathic treatment, which medicine was he on? We had to give him antibiotics, cough syrup and inhalers every time How much is the improvement after starting Homeopathic treatment? There is much relief There is 80% recovery That is why I want to continue his treatment. Dr : Now he does not require inhalers? No. I have stopped inhalers. How is his appetite? Appetite is ok. He eats well when he is fine Appetite goes down when he is not well.

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