A Healthy Gut Can Keep Your Lungs Healthy

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Eric Bakker New Zealand naturopath. Thanks for coming back. Did you know that your gut can actually improve
the health of your lungs? New research now is being conducted in Australia. In fact, just got published in May the 19th
online this year. Professor Lisa Wood, Newcastle University
Biomedical Research. This is basically trials they’ve been conducting
with asthma patients. They’re realizing that a lot of people with
asthma are getting tired of using medications, inhalers and steroids and things like that,
so people are looking for a different alternative take on asthma treatment, something that’s
effective. Now, medicine’s quite good at conducting clinical
trials, and so far they found giving fiber supplements to people with asthma tends to
improve their asthma control. So now they’re going to go further and actually
study what the mechanisms are behind it. But needless to say, it’s something we’ve
known all along, again. If you get the gut in great shape, the rest
of the body will follow suit. Now we’re finding that the ability for the
lungs to inflame is actually controlled, to a large degree, also by the bacteria in your
intestinal tract. Funny that. Something people have been saying for decades,
that if you get the gut in shape, everything else is going to get in great shape as well. So now the lungs and no doubt in time, studies
will also find out that the gut bacteria are linked to blood pressure and kidney health
and liver health, and many other aspects of you wellbeing. So as I always say, keep the gut in great
shape. Thanks for tuning in.

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