A Nation Divided – Escape the Night S2 (Ep 4)

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– Previously
on “Escape the Night”…
unscripted, unrehearsed.– None of you are leaving
this place alive.– A spider goddess
kidnaps three guests.
[screaming]And two women mustrisk their lives to save them.– Who will you save? – DeStorm. – You bitches can’t kill me. – After midnight, things change.– [laughter]♪ ♪[man screaming][blade slicing]– Sweet Mary, mother of God. – That’s the Captain.
We gotta go! We gotta go! We gotta–come on!
– No, no. I’m making a stand. [creaking] – [grunts] – [grunts] – Ah! [grunting] – How long will you resist us? – Forever.[dramatic music]♪ ♪[thunder booms] – Where did that laugh
come from? – I–honestly,
I think that was the Sorceress. – Is this, like, a game to her?
– Laughing at us. – I’m hungry. – She said at midnight
is when something’s gonna happen.
– What is that? – I have no idea.
– At midnight is so soon. – Oh, that’s an axe and a gun.
– Oh! Good eyes. – So somebody’s gonna
have to fight. I know the Sorceress
is trying to make us turn on each other. And it’s working.
So Lauren’s gone because of you.
– There’s so much tension going on between
Alex and DeStorm. – She deserved to go.
– [sighs] – It’s me or her.
– I found this at the doorstep the beginning of the night.
– So typical Alison has another clue to give us. And I’m thinking, why,
if you have all these things, are you holding them
back from us?But she gives it to us
and Joey opens it up.
And it seems to be some type
of propaganda flyer.
– “To arms.
Your country needs you. Open the key to freedom–” – “Helm the ship of fury.”
– “The Dark Army–” – “Has taken our land.
Obedience required.” – Let’s read the red.
– Yeah, read just the red. – “Key to helm of obedience
behind a terrifying face.” – Her face!
– Hey, that is not a– – Oh, this face!
– That face, duh! – That, oh.
– Oh, oh, yeah. Take it off.
– Clue, after clue,
after clue, after clue. – Oh, right here, right here.
– Guys. – Oh, pull it.
– Come to me.
– There’s a key.
both: Green room. – Yeah, there’s a room
over there that’s green. Let’s go.
– It’s this way. – So we found this key
and here we are again on some other search
to find something that unlocks that basically just means
someone else is gonna die.– It’s–
[banging] [screaming] – We tried to jet out of there.
We hear all these sounds coming out
the damn hallway again. [screaming]
– This way.
– Oh, the green room.
I’m running for my life. – That was terrifying.
– That was–my heart– – What did that thing say?
What did it say? – It just says green room.
We need a– – Wait, wait, wait.
You have a key? – Yes, go.
– This just keeps getting scarier and scarier.
– Open it. Just open it.– [laughter,
speaking gibberish]
– What the–
– Someone’s gonna have to– – Oh, my God.
– Someone’s fighting. – It says,
“The Helm of Obedience. “Its wearer must surrender
their will to the voice of the Dark Army
if they wish to proceed.” – I mean, whoever puts on
this Helm of Obedience has no control. That’s terrifying. – I got a small head.
– I mean, I’ll do it. – All right, who wants to do it?
– Okay. Y’all go do your thing. I’m not doing this. – I couldn’t, because– – Is it a good look?
It’s a good look. – It looks cute with your hair.
– It’s kinda cute.– Hello, Joey.
– Oh, it’s talking to me! – Shut up.
– You hear it? Listen. – It said, “Hello, Joey.”
– You must follow
my instructions without fail.
– You must follow
my instructions without fail.
– Or your life will be forfeit.
– Or your life will be forfeit.
– Do you understand?
Do you understand?
– Yes, I understand. Oh, my God.
It’s actually, like– – So Joey puts on
this Helm of Obedience. But I have no idea
what it’s saying. And it’s very clear
that Joey is terrified.– Tell your friends
to follow you.
– It says to follow–follow me.
Walk back to the– – We all follow you?
– Yeah, follow me. – So y’all gonna
just follow him? – We have to surrender
to proceed. – Okay.
– Walk down the hallway.
– Is this the voice?
– Can’t believe we following a damn helmet.
– Okay. – As much as I’m scared
of the Sorceress, I’m afraid of whatever’s about to come out
of this crazy pot.– Go up to the top
of the stairs alone.
– Stay here. Stay here.
– Umm. – Wait, we all stay here?
– Yeah, stay here. – Liz, I got you.
– Keep walking.
– He’s going upstairs.
– He looked crazy to me.
Something was wrong
with him in his head. But I’m assuming
it was the helm. – Everybody keep
your eyes peeled.– Walk forward.
– Okay. – We should all, like,
face outwards.– You will see
a case on the floor.
– I see it.
– Joey, what’s happening?– Open it.
– Oh. Oh, my God. – Joey, what’s going on?
– Guys.– You can handle this.– What is it?
– [laughs]
– [panting]
– Are you okay? – Jesse’s gun.
– When I see he has a gun, and he makes
eye contact with us, it does not look pretty for us. It looks like
he’s gonna kill us. Joey.
– No, no, no, no. – What are you doing
with your gun? – What are you doing?– And because I’m a hero,I made sure to, you know, protect everyone
and put my arms out. I’m like, hey, everybody,
just calm down.– Now point the gun
at your friends.
– Joey.
all: Joey! – No!
– No, no! – What the hell?
– Joey, Joey, Joey. – Oh, my God. Oh, my–like, is
one of us gonna die like this? [overlapping protesting]
– [laughter]
– I stepped away
from the group.
I don’t want the gun pointed
at me; I’m not with them.– You cannot hesitate with
this next action,
or your life will be over.Do you understand?
– Just do it.– I want you to open the door,
step out onto the porch,
and shoot the first man
you see.
– So he pulls the gun away
from us, and I’m like whew. I saved the day.
Thank God. – What are you doing?
– Good, good, good, good. Good move.
– I knew it was all– he wouldn’t do that.
– No, no, no, no. – [screams] – Oh, my God!
– You killed him!– I’m shocked.
A little turned on.
Okay, a lot turned on. – Guys, come on.
– Take the bugle from his side.
– Damn helmet turned him
into a murderer.– The longer
we’re in this house,
the more evil you can see
in everyone’s hearts.– Go to the back of the foyerand stand before
the outside door.
– Don’t shoot.
– I used to play.
First chair trumpet.
Like, six years in a row. I got you.
– Guys, I have to go in the backyard.
– Put the gun down.
– Okay.
– Joey don’t shoot at me.
I was actually shocked
that he didn’t kill me.– Take off the helmet.
– Can you help me?– Blow the bugle.
– Getting my hands dirty.– Good-bye, Joey.– Bye. Uhh! – I would keep that on.
That looked like protection. – Literally, the devil
was speaking to me. – I don’t like it.
– He said the next thing to do is to blow this.
– Okay. Everybody just be ready for something to happen.
– Ready? – No.
– He’s blowing a damn bugle. [blows bugle]
[screaming, cannons firing]
– What’s going on?
– Those are cannons. – Is it, like, that? All of a sudden,
we hear a cannon fire. And out of nowhere,
there are two armiescoming together and they do not
look like they like each other.
– Oh, wait!
– Shh, shh, shh. – I don’t care if you’re
the last people on the Goddamn Earth,
we ain’t gonna stop fighting. – This is our land!
– Should we hide? – Shh. – Oh, girl.
Look what you’ve done. Look what you’ve done.
– He’s pointing a gun! He’s pointing a gun!
– You did say hide and we did not.
– Joey seems to think
it’s a good idea
to go out on the patio
and talk with these guys.
– You see a war going on, y’all gonna just go out?
– I’m thinking it’s only right
if they have a gem. – He has a gem. – Oh, you want this.
You’re gonna have to fight. – Could you just
give it to us, maybe? – You’re gonna
have to get dirty. Now, see, the team that loses
this here skirmish, one of them’s gonna have to die. – Oh, gosh. – I don’t see no other way. Whose side y’all fighting on? – What do you mean, side? – The Confederates
are a weak lot. You join me, and we will
crush them beneath our heals. – The Dark Army
will soon be returning to its forgotten myth
it once crawled out of. Stick with me and you’ll live. – Guys, that’s the only way
we’re gonna get the gem. I think we should do it.
– We need the gem. – Then pick two captains. One for the Dark Army and one
for the Confederate filth. – And that is when I realize, we are gonna be having
to fight each other. both: I’ll be a captain.
– This is like school. I never got picked for this.
– I never got picked, either. – Guys–
– Let me go against him. – I feel like it’s important
the fact that you guys think I’m responsible
for this. – So I’m the captain
of the Confederates. Go figure.
– I choose Liza. – What? The Dark Army,
you choose the brown girl. Okay. – Gabby, you saved my life once. Why don’t you come on over here? – DeStorm and I
just get each other. – I choose Tyler.
– Good choice. – Come on over here, Andrea. – And then there were two. – I’m hoping Joey chooses me. – Tana.
– Ah.– Once I find out DeStorm
is a captain,
I realize I’m not picking Alex. I’m gonna put them on the same
team to start some drama.– Not only am I picked last,but I’m picked
by DeStorm’s team.
By default. – First, you need your colors. – Oh, this goes.
– I think Joey’s team is weak,
slow, can’t keep up with us. – We don’t wanna be up
for elimination. We have to make sure
that it’s them, okay? – All right,
so I’m the captain of this team and what we gonna do
is we gonna win. We got the brains,
we got the girls, we got the weapons,
and we got the soldiers. – Honestly, I’m just hoping that DeStorm’s team
self destructs. – We’re on the same team now and if you need me,
I’ll step up. But after this,
we’re back to enemies. – When it’s all over,
he gonna get it. – We go downstairs
and the battleis about to begin
and we’re just freaking out.
– Okay. – Hi, guys. This is so sad. We’re, like,
against each other now. – Gotta do what we gotta do.– We’ve kind of lost hope.Like, the game we thought
we were playing
is not the game we’re playing. – This side
is for the Dark Army. And this side of the estate,
for them Confederates. The patio is no man’s land and a medical station. The first team to find
the location of the flag is the victor. You’re allowed one person
on each team to stand behind their own
territory to stand guard. – This makes it so difficult because essentially,
we’re never safe. – When in enemy territory,
your arm banner can be torn off.And an enemy guest must escort
you to the medical station.
– And you have to just
sit there for five minutes, looking at whatever is going on and being unable to help. – Marching orders.
– What’s this? – Okay.
– We have to get the big flag. – “Confederate guys,
your mission is to find five golden pegs.”
– “Five red pegs “hidden in
Confederate territory, and then insert them
in your warlock’s chest.” – “Where you will gain the final
item needed to recover for the enemy’s flag.”
– Got it. – Game on. [gunshot]
[yelling] – So when Cash shoots this gun, we immediately are in,
like, game mode. [overlapping yelling]– So immediately,
we run into the action,
and I see this box.I realize there’s a peg
inside this box. So I literally just lift it up
and throw it on the ground. [overlapping shouting]
Yeah, she is. I found the first peg!
I am so happy. [grunting] – Go out this way,
go out this way. – What?
[grunting] – Where the […]
are these things? – I am a finesser, so I gotta
go hustle these people and be the distraction. So you wanna get it?
Let’s go. – I’m like–I just wanna book
it; I wanna run into there; I wanna find the pegs;
I wanna get this over with. – Oh, no! My shoe’s untied. My shoe’s untied! [laughter] Wait, my other shoe’s untied. I’m having so much trouble
walking up these stairs. I decide I’m gonna
distract the guard. I’m gonna have them take me away so that the other team members can run in and get those pegs. [grunting]
– I am out of breath.
I cannot breathe.
Honey, I think I have asthma. – Oh, Tyler, keep looking. Look under rocks and everything. – Do we have any pegs?
– No, we can’t find any. – I found one! [grunting]
I found it. Oh, that was exhausting.
I’m out of shape. – I continue to search.
Oh, I found it. And I find my second peg
in the tree. [grunting] Go.
– They’re probably– – I was chasing Tyler
’cause he’s slow but he’s agile. He’s like–he moves quick. both: Throw it!
Throw the peg!– Got away from me once.
I couldn’t get a grip
on his arm flag,
so I couldn’t get him.
– But as athletic
as I think he comes across, he could never catch me.
– Look in trees and shit. – Get it. – Oh, I can’t find these pegs! – They were the color
of sticks on the ground. Like, I looked at a peg
for five seconds. I was like, is that a peg?Guess what color
the other team had?
Bright red! [sighing] [grunting]– This game of capture the flag
is pandemonium
because it’s also
kind of like a war. [grunting] The Dark Army and the
Confederates are running around,screaming…
– [screaming] – Killing each other. And I’m like, I just am here
to find the pegs.– But I don’t have one.
– No, I’m giving it to you. – Oh. Okay.
– Tana? – Guys, I found the peg!
– DeStorm! – I found the peg.
– Trees and boxes. – Trees and boxes, my ass! There’s no trees and boxes. – Oh, my God.
My shoe’s untied. Oh, no!
– I got you. – Oh, no! Go, Liza.
– Oh, that’s one! – One left.
– They only have one more! – Our plan is working. Like, we’re doing good. – [spitting]
– [laughs] Hey! – [grunts] – How many people are caught?
– Two. – You have to come
on this side. – There were moments that I was
ready to just give up. My feet hurt.
– You wanna go sit up there? – [laughs] Joey, please. Let me run just a little.
– No! – Let me run just a little.
– I’ve been running like little boys all day. – I have a bruise here and here.
No more. – Gabby’s putting up
such a fight. We’re literally wrestling
on the ground right now – No! No!
This is life or death. [grunting] – No, no, don’t
go boneless on me. Don’t you go boneless on me! Okay. Here we go.
Here we go! – That is gorgeous.
– Let go of the gate. We’re–
– Okay. – Come on.
– So I’m about to go back on the opponent’s side
and I notice there’s a peginside the light.Guys, I found it!
I found the last one! – Yes, Joey!
– Come on. – They got it!
They got it! – Guys, I got it!
– Wait, put it in. We’re gonna get a clue.
Come on. – Okay.
– We have all five pegs! – Oh, wait.
– Go upstairs. – Oh, it’s not over?
– Okay, what does it say? – “The cannon on the patio
has been authorized “for your use, soldier.
Pour in the powder and let her rip to reveal
the enemy flag.” – What?
– Pour in the powder, come on. Once we get all five pegs,
we get gunpowder, and we run up to the cannon. – Wait, all of us,
put your hands on the rope. – Yeah, let’s go.
– Teamwork makes the dream work. – One, two, three!
– Fire! – Whoo!
– It’s over. – They won.
– Jasper, do you see it? – I got it! [cheering] – Oh, my God.
– Joey. – Guys!
– We did it! [laughter] – Oh, my God.
I’m so tired. – You were saved!
– Oh, my God. – We just couldn’t
find our pegs. Trees and boxes, my ass! – They were the color
of the ground. Did you see that shit?
Real life. – We won. Can we have the gem? – Now, I said, one of you losers
is gonna have to die if you still want this. Well, that ain’t changed. Two people will have
a little showdown. You have to vote.
– Guys, let’s step inside. – Follow Alison.
– All right. – Per usual.
– Come on, guys. – Oh, I’m freezing. I have no idea what’s
gonna happen next. – I am tired.
– I know. – [sighs]
– But we live another day. – When we get to the room,
it was already in the air. We knew it would
be me and Alex. – DeStorm needs to pay
for what he’s done. If you wanna go,
we can go head to head. I’ve been waiting for this.
– Oh, my! This has never happened before. Alex is literally volunteering
himself to potentially die. – He had the biggest hand
in killing Lauren. – DeStorm didn’t kill Lauren. And he shouldn’t be blamed
for Lauren’s death. – ‘Cause his girlfriend
deserved to die.– DeStorm keeps saying, “She
had to die, she had to die.”
Like, that’s not okay. That was his girlfriend.
He loved her. – We’ll do DeStorm,
you guys do Alex. Settled. – Shall we?
– Go first. – Alex is soft
and he needs to go.[intense music]♪ ♪– DeStorm.
– Ah, I love this. – And Alex. – You gonna join
your girlfriend. – Damn.
– That was shady as hell. – Right this way. Everyone, follow me. – If I come back this time, I think they will all know
that I am king. – Well, look who it is. I figured it’d be
you two lowlifes. You want this, don’t you? – No! No!
– [gasps] – Ugh. Really?Cash is an asshole.Honestly, we went through
all of this. He said he was gonna
give us the damn gem. And then he threw it
into the swimming pool. – First person to get the gem
out of the pool keeps it. The other’s going
to the firing squad. – Oh, man, we gotta
walk in the pool to get the gem? It’s freezing out here. But I’ma do it. – On my mark.
[cocks gun] – Go!
[overlapping shouting] – What?
– We look over the ledge
and we see the pool is filled
with thousands of gems.
Oh, my God.
– Are you kidding? – Shut up.
– And I’m thinking,
this is gonna take all night and something is happening
at midnight. We don’t have any time.– I’m stumbling through
the halls,
trying to get my clothes offso I can swim
as fast as possible
to get this gem.
– Oh! Oh!– He dives into the pool.
I walk in.
‘Cause I’m a classy man. – I dive into this pool and I can’t see anything. Ah, the goggles keep filling
back up with water. – Tighten them!
– Hold them to your face. Hold them to your face. – These goggles are old,
Victorian goggles.So of course, they’re not gonna
work like modern goggles.
They could’ve gave us
some better goggles.
– DeStorm, hold the goggles
to your face. – Don’t help DeStorm.
– Don’t help him.– I think that we all know
who I’m rooting for.
We have each other’s back. We’re an alliance.
We get each other. – Can we get new goggles?
– Just go down and scoop. – I know,
but there’s hundreds of gems. – Well, you’re not gonna get it
by not doing it. – Just keep scooping it.
Just keep scooping. – I mean, we’re all screaming
at Alex to just start taking gems out of the pool
and looking. And he’s not listening! – Alex, what’s your strategy? – I have to look from up here.
I can’t see down there. I can’t get in. – Hey, come on, DeStorm! That’s cheap.
– Shady! Shady! You gotta scoop and check. – Do what now?
all: ♪ Scoop and check ♪ – That’s right.
all: ♪ Scoop and check ♪ – Okay.
all: ♪ Scoop and check ♪ – Okay.
all: ♪ Yeah, scoop and check ♪ – That’s right.
All: ♪ And scoop, and check ♪ – Okay.
All: ♪ Now, scoop– ♪ – Okay, let’s go! – There you go!
– Yes! Keep doing that. – There you go!
– That’s the best thing you’ve done.
– Prince of scooping and checking.
– Yes! My king!– DeStorm’s looking
in the shallow end.
I’m in the deep end,thinking the gem
probably rolled down. – This is like finding
a needle in a haystack. – Good analogy, Joey. – Finally,
I get some new goggles. – Oh, hell yeah! – Oh.
– Alex, go quick! DeStorm has them on.
– Alex, be quick. – You go, boy.
Go quick! – Alex, Alex, he’s under
the water with the new goggles. – Come on, Alex.
We want you to win! You got this!– I’m looking
through the water.
By the time I’m on
my thousandth gem, I don’t even know what the gem
looks like anymore. I forgot the color. He threw it
in the water too fast. I never really
paid attention to Cash. He’s not my type.– The gem is kind of an amber,
yellow, orange color.
– He, like–his logic–
– I think he’s just, like, tired.
– So that’s what I’m looking for.
– Especially the up and down, up and down.
– Like, holding your breath. – I mean, swimming’s
exhausting, dude. – Yeah, it really is.
Alex is under the water for a while and I’m just hoping
when he comes up, he has the gem. – Found it!
– You got it? [cheering] – Alex just pops out of
the water with his fist up. And he says, “I found it!” And I know that means
DeStorm’s dead. – How do you know?
– Are you sure? – The gem is yours.
[cheering] – Yes!
– But holding onto it’s gonna be a painful thing.
– [sighs] – Time for the execution.
– See you in hell! – The execution?
– Lock him up. – No!
– You! Here, please.
– Oh, my God. – No, I don’t wanna see him die. – This is violent. – I wish the house
got to know me better. We could’ve all got along. I just came for the party. – We have to watch him die?
– Oh, my God. – Draw. And–
– Third time wasn’t a charm for me. It was my time to go. – Fire!
– [screams][somber music]♪ ♪– Ouch. – Oh. – Oh, everyone,
don’t look so sad. Y’all are trying to tangle
with the Sorceress. This ain’t the least
of what’s coming your way. – It was terrifying,
seeing DeStorm get killed. But I was so happy
I didn’t have to look at his beady little eyes
anymore. – Think it’s time
for another skirmish. – I finally get
my revenge on DeStorm and it is sweet. both: Yes!
– Alex. – Way to go.
– You did it. – Oh, thank God.
– We did it. – Honestly, you’re my hero.
Thank you. – I cannot believe you got it.
– That was crazy. – Yes!
– Look at it. Yes! – Put it in, put it in.
– I got the gem. I place the gem
in its rightful spot. both: Five left.
– We’re getting there, you guys. – I feel like that means
five more people are gonna die. And that’s not gonna be me. – Wait, there’s something else.
– What? Chocolate.
– Chocolate? – Chocolate?[dramatic music]♪ ♪

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