A New Option for Severe Asthma

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Patients with severe asthma may soon have
another treatment option to add to their current medications. I’m Shelby Cullinan with your
latest health news. The US FDA approved Nucala to treat asthma
in patients 12 and older. This GlaxoSmithKline drug was approved for use along with currently
available asthma drugs. Patients taking the newly approved Nucala will receive an injection
of the drug by a health care professional one time every four-week period. The drug
works by targeting a type of white blood cell that is thought to play a part in asthma’s
development. Three studies of Nucala found that the drug, along with current asthma drugs,
treated severe asthma more effectively than a placebo. Speak to your pharmacist and doctor
about new medications available for your condition.

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  1. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who is on Nucala. I was told today that I am 'too allergic' for Xolair, so this may be an option.

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