A Peaceful Nights Sleep with Klearvol Essential Oils for Inhalation

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So if you follow me regular you will
know that when it comes to sleep in this house, we don’t get a great deal of it!
Despite being three and a half years old now Neve has never slept through the night and as a result when it comes to Winter and we add in coughs and colds and
sniffs and snuffles, the chances of me getting a decent night’s sleep pretty
much go out the window So late last year we were contacted by
Klearvol to see if we wanted to trial their essential oils for inhalation with Neve,
with the aim of helping her feel less congested, breath more easily and
hopefully settle down to a more peaceful night’s sleep for all of us. Having
survived on about 5 hours per night for longer than I care to mention
I was pretty desperate to give this a go Here’s how we got on. So Klearvol
essential oil capsules are available to buy from Boots Lloyd’s, independent
pharmacies and Amazon online and they come in a pack of 10 like this one here. Klearvol capsules come in pre-measured
dosage so you don’t have to worry about administering too much or too little when you use them. To use capsules you simply snip off the top with some
scissors or a pair of nail clippers and pour out the oils onto a handkerchief or
muslin square before placing it out of reach from your child where they can
smell it but can’t touch it. So we’ve been really really impressed with
Klearvol, particularly on the days where Neve has been suffering from a blocked
nose or feeling particularly congested when she tried to go to sleep. Previously she’d be really fractious at bedtime and take ages to settle but
Klearvol has helped her settle more quickly to sleep and stay asleep for
longer periods of time than she otherwise had been. It’s very quickly
become a bit of a bedtime savior. So we have found Klearvol super easy to use
and the smell of Klearvol whilst noticeable is not at all overbearing. The
pine menthol and thyme combination creates more of a reassuring comforting
scent that helps children and adults for that matter, breathe more easily when they lie down to go to sleep. I tend to apply it to a
handkerchief just before Neve’s bedtime stories so that the vapors have got chance to diffuse around her bedroom before she climbs into bed. We have tried other
decongestant products in the past that have been applied to Neve’s skin and these
left her feeling clammy and sticky and actually made it harder to get her to go to
sleep so Klearvol has been a really refreshing alternative. Whilst I can’t claim that Neve
is suddenly sleeping through now every single night, Klearvol has definitely helped her to cope better with by the external factors that were causing bedtime troubles
and regular wake up’s if you’re struggling to get a peaceful night’s
sleep due to cost colds and congestion I would definitely recommend adding some
Klearvol to your medicine cupboard. You can learn more about Klearvol and read our
full review over on the blog now and I’ll pop a link in the bio below.

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