A PLANTA da JUVENTUDE🌿 Ela Devolve o COLÁGENO à Pele, Reduz a Pressão e o Colesterol

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The plant of eternal youth nourishes
regenerates and returns collagen to skin Hi my love, how are you?
welcome to today’s video! If you want to achieve more health in
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posted! In folk medicine she is famous for her ability to treat
breathing problems like pneumonia sore throat the allergy sister and also
fights prostatic hyperplasia that plant this is the nettle a plant of
great medicinal wealth men need to know that the nettle
deflate prostate and prevents cancer that body deceives if who thinks that
stop here the nettle is great for skin that’s because she has properties
astringent nutritive antibacterial spurt stimulating nettles
also helps in collagen production the which is great for kidney skin health
like nettle a great directcu helps to detoxify the kidneys
a lot of people drink nettle tea even for avoid kidney stones hair the plant
helps fight hair loss eliminate dandruff and is to leave the wires longer
bright and strong problems circulatory
it helps control bad cholesterol because it is rich in chlorophyll which is very
good for diabetes circulatory system the nettle also reduces the levels of
blood sugar and not only that she has many more utilities for example
eliminated infectious viruses and bacteria helps strengthen the system
immune system and combat fatigue anemia and was and other effects of stress
there are several types of nettle and all are medicinal the plant is easy to
find in backyards and vacant lots at the
both its handling requires care because the contact with skin may cause reaction
allergic so the ideal is to buy a package in
dried nettle leaves in tea shops or natural products because in this state
there is no longer any risk of irritation in skin how to make tea ingredients one
tablespoon dry leaves one liter of water
cooking mode bring the water to a boil and leave for about four
minutes waiting for the boil that is that formation of the balls to
remove from heat and add the leaves and cover the pan
the tea should stand for at least ten minutes before it can be consumed
consume three cups a day is recommended to dance with honey to
facilitate ingestion In the case of diabetics,
stevia sweetener care fulfill a pure strategy tea is contraindicated
for pregnant and then liked today’s tips so if
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10 thoughts on “A PLANTA da JUVENTUDE🌿 Ela Devolve o COLÁGENO à Pele, Reduz a Pressão e o Colesterol

  1. Eu conheço a Ortiga e sempre fui a conselhado a ficar longe dela , só após estudos na Área da Fitoterapia que passei a indicar TBM……Gratidão por reforçar e acrescentar os meu conhecimentos …Aloha😍😘🌹

  2. Se gostei da dica e claro que sim todos os dias a primeira coisa que faço e ver se video Novo .já ouvi falar da urtiga mas não sabia de seus beneficios por sinal são muitos .beijos te vejo no meu sonho .

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