A Rare Heart Attack and How to prevent it Permanently

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A very different but dangerous kind of
heart attack. It sounds scary right. hello viewers welcome to my channel Today we’re gonna talk about a very different yet a most vital topic We all know that the heart is one of the core organs of our body The heart is responsible for pumping blood and supplying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body It’s what keeps our body working. So precisely, It deserves more attention than anything else. Okay you might already have known about a number of heart problem. But today we’ll talk about a very different one. This type of heart attack is simply known as broken heart syndrome or called takotsubo cardiomyopathy It was first developed in Japan in 1990 and research has shown that it is more common than we thought. So what are the main reasons
behind this special type of heart attack. of course there’s a number of reasons
behind it and we’ll also see what kind of treatment you must take. before we dive in don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and notification bell and support your favorite health maestro channel Okay so let’s see what the hack broken heart syndrome is and how it works. Actually it mainly happens when a
person is affected by mental and physical health issues this condition may be triggered by stressors like sudden drop in blood pressure serious illness, surgery or a medical procedure for example (a cardiac stress test)
breakups, domestic, violence, asthma attacks unexpected loss of loved ones
arguments and intense fear. Interestingly this type of heart condition becomes obvious not only from sadness but also from excessive happiness as well usually this heart attack goes away within days or a couple of weeks at best but in rare
cases it can cause permanent damage In this case the left ventricle of the
heart changes its shape due to the stress and causes the heart to beat
irregularly at times. this in turn can cause other heart problems for the patient. it can create conditions like heart failure, severe heart arrhythmia’s, cardiogenic shock, blood clots, or heart valve problems. experts agree that broken heart syndrome doesn’t necessarily cause an actual
heart attack a person suffering from broken heart
syndrome might feel like they’re having A heart attack due to the chest pain and
shortness of breath and fainting that might follow this heart syndrome might
have signs like frequent exhaustion which would lead to a lack of activity
which would damage the heart further It will slow down your body activity which
will Raise cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar. okay after all this bad news there is good news too Doctors have come up with treatments
which will take the major risks away some of the common treatments include
drugs which facilitate heart muscle recovery anti-anxiety or beta blocker
medication may be suggested for a longer period of time to control the release of
stress hormones it’s also important to get rid of the stress that caused this condition in the first place anticoagulant drugs might also be
prescribed to keep the blood flowing and to avoid unexpected strokes but it hasto be kept in mind that these drugs interfere with blood clotting it said that complete recovery usually takes place within one to three months. however we all know that prevention is better than a cure. so let’s shed some light on
the ways that will help you get rid of this different type of heart attack. one of the simplest ways you can keep your heart healthy is by eating better. at first you need to cut down on salt and limit your salt intake to a half a
teaspoon every day you should also avoid sweets or red meats but most importantly
you should avoid all kinds of fatty foods. you can replace all these
unhealthy foods with healthy stuff like fruits and veggies grains foods that are
high in omega-3 fatty acids. one more important point is you should take care of your mental health you should stay relaxed and tension free yoga and meditation are great ways to calm yourself down especially if you’re
stressing. in addition smoking can harm your body in a way you cannot even
imagine it affects both heart and mind, smoking can increase your stress
hormones and any kind of shock will be increased exponentially by smoking for your information high blood pressure
means a high risk of heart attack as
well. stress management a healthy diet and regular exercise are the things you need to focus on to manage your blood pressure. Another blood related condition
is high blood sugar too much sweet food can increase your blood sugar levels. diabetes can cause heart attacks when the excess sugar particles block the veins moreover you have to keep your cholesterol in check you should eat healthy and avoid saturated fats as much as possible and get regular check-ups to tell you the truth it can be said that to avoid any kind of heart attack including broken heart syndrome, you must maintain a
healthy lifestyle especially in the case of broken heart syndrome any kind of stress or depression can create severe complications. So there should be no room
for any stress or depression in your life. if you feel any then come straight
to our comment box and tell us what you feel we’re at your side this is all from us today so if you guys liked my video please let me know in the comments section for more inquiries I have also added some studies at the end of this video’s description. Please subscribe to my channel and
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