A Shot of Adrenaline – Pulp Fiction (6/12) Movie CLIP (1994) HD

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Fuck out of my way! Pig. Quit fuckin’ around and give her the shot! Come on! Okay. Look – while I’m doing this… …you take off her shirt, and find her heart. [Vincent] Shouldn’t that be exact? Yeah, it’s gotta be exact; I’m giving her a shot in
the heart, so I guess it’s gotta be fucking exact! Well, I don’t know exactly where her
heart is, but I think it’s right here. – That’s it.
– This it? Alright, what I need is a big, fat magic marker. You got it? – What?
– A magic marker! A– A FELT PEN! A FUCKIN’ BLACK MAGIC MARKER! Come on, man, hurry up!
[Lance] Alright… alright… fuck…! Okay, okay… okay… I think it’s ready. Alright… Okay…
[Vincent] Hurry up, man. Hurry up! [Lance] Here, I’ll tell you what to do. – No-no-no-no-m-man, I ain’t gi– yo-you-you’re gonna give her the shot.
– No, you’re gonna give her the shot. – I ain’t givin’ her the shot!
– I ain’t giving her the shot! – I’ve never done this before!
– Yeah, I ain’t never done it before, alright?! I ain’t startin’ now. Look – you brought her here, and that means
that *you’re* gonna give her the shot. The day that I bring an ODing bitch to
your house, then I give her the shot. Give her the shot.
– Give it to me. – Here.
– Gimme that. Right-right, alright, tell me what to do. Okay, uh… You’re giving her an injection of adrenaline straight to her heart;
but, she’s got a breastplate, so you gotta pierce through that. So what you gotta do is you gotta bring
the needle down in a stabbing motion. I gotta– I gotta stab her three times? No, you don’t gotta fucking stab her three times! You just gotta
stab her once, but its gotta be hard enough to get through… …her breastplate into her heart, alright? And then,
o-once you do that, you p-press down on the, the plunger. Okay; then what’s ha– then what happens? I’m kinda curious about that myself. This ain’t no fuckin’ joke, man!
Am I gonna kill her?! Am I– No-no-no! She’s supposed to come out of it, like that! It’s… – Alright, count to three.
– Alright. – Ready?
– One. Two. THREE! [Thump] (Harsh intake of breath / panicked yelling) (Harsh intakes of breath) (Coughing / softening intakes of breath) You feeling alright? Then say something. Something. Huh… that was fucking trippy. (Laughing) [Vincent] Ughhh…
[Lance] Oh, man…

100 thoughts on “A Shot of Adrenaline – Pulp Fiction (6/12) Movie CLIP (1994) HD

  1. Fun Fact
    Travolta pulled the needle out of Thurman, and Quentin Tarantino then reversed the footage

  2. so you "think" a hole in her heart just fixes itself, dumbasses? 🙂 She'd still require open heart surgery to fix the needle hole.

  3. I just read it somewhere that the needle inserting scene was shot backwards. So basically he was pulling out the needle. Genious?

  4. Interesting. This video shows residue from the mandela effect. Notice how he marks the left side of the chest indicating where the heart is instead of the middle.

  5. If it would be me who had to smash that needle in her heart, I would miss so badly that red point and stab her in the eye, stomach or arm.

  6. That’s called rip-off beat-by-beat from american boy steven prince story by scorsese. Not Tarantino.

  7. 0:25 I would have loved if she just stood there and said "You forgot to say please" just to see Vincent face.

  8. this is my favorite part of the whole movie I love the chick on the couch taking hits from the bong she's like oh there's someone dying? I'll take a hit from the bong oh you saved her life? I'll take a hit from the bong I love that chick she wasn't letting anything distract he from smoking that bong load

  9. наркотики наркоманы пытаються смешать с кровью
    это не это

  10. This is based on a story told by Steven prince. Who played Easy Andy in the movie taxi driver. He told this story to Martin Scorsese in a documentary that Tarantino watched. Tarantino replicates it

  11. I just could be stoned , but maybe the stab to the heart meant maybe Vincent won her her heart??? Or idk what I’m trying to get at here honestly , but anyway that chemistry they had was unreal to me , I just felt that this scenes was connected to that

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