AAA-Choo! It Must Be Spring Allergy Season

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have you been sneezing well if not there’s a good chance you will be very soon allergy season is upon us and this year it’s off to a pretty strong start LAX 18s Claire cops key shows us why in about two days I’m gonna be sneezing my head off sneezing itching blowing a runny nose chances are the pollen is getting to you watery eyes itchy eyes you could tell you could tell the season is here it got just seems like over the past couple of weeks everything has just popped and so there’s all of this pollen a large concentration that’s being put into the air leading to problems for so many allergy sufferers a quick change but yet a nice spring you actually are enjoying a spring this year in the bluegrass typically we go almost right from winter to eighty degree heat meanwhile we’ve seen a couple nice days almost a week now where temperatures are in the 60s and 70s which is what we like to see during the spring that nice smooth transition not a quick jump from one extreme to the next despite that smooth transition pollen counts are high as Jill explains some weather patterns play a role the warmth is helping to generate more pollen the wind has been blowing it around so the concentration is higher many are dubbing this spring one of the worst allergy seasons but Jill says that’s hard to classify it does seem on the surface with these longer growing seasons a quicker rise in temperature over the early months into the year that of course then plants are going to be living longer so to speak and so they’re gonna be releasing pollen for a longer period of time maybe leading to higher concentrations so that could be lead to a worse allergy season there’s no doubt the allergy season is alive in the bluegrass thanks to blooming trees but it doesn’t end there grass and weed season is next covering the news in Lexington Claire cops key lex18 news

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