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Is this what you think of when someone
says allergy? Well watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, or itchy skin are
often symptoms of allergies. But did you know that an allergic reaction actually
involves your immune system? That’s right, your immune system protects you from
potentially harmful substances in the things you eat, breathe, or touch. But the
immune system of someone with allergies sees certain substances which are
harmless to most people as things to react to and this triggers an allergic
response. For treatment of stinging insect allergy or less serious allergies
certain individuals can benefit from immunotherapy or allergy shots to help
control the conditions. Immunotherapy is a fancy term for allergy shots. It’s a
fantastic tool that’s available to allergists. Patients and physicians are
very aware of the common medications that we use to treat
allergic diseases and these are very important components of the treatment.
But there’s only one thing that I’m aware of that actually changes the way
our immune system reacts to allergens. So at the end of three to five years when
we discontinue those shots, your body no longer necessarily reacts in an allergic
manner when it’s confronted by that allergy. Allergen immunotherapy can lead
to the long lasting relief of allergy symptoms after several years of
treatment. Patients with stinging insect allergy and some patients with other
allergies may require longer treatment. For more details on this and other
allergy and asthma related topics please visit the patients and consumer center
at If you are one of the 50 million
Americans with some form of allergic disease, it’s important that you see your
allergist immunologist to develop the appropriate management of your condition.
The most important thing for people to know about allergies or asthma is that
there are good effective treatments to be able to control these symptoms,
customize their therapy, and have them live a normal life.

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