About Food Allergy Drops with Dr. Mary Morris

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Allergy solutions brought to you by the
leaders in allergy care, Allergy Associates of La Crosse. Allergies tend
to run in families. The most common food allergies are to common things like egg,
milk, wheat, corn, yeast, soy, and peanut. I think people are unaware that foods can
fairly cause and commonly cause itching in the mouth. Even some swelling and
inflammation in the esophagus can occur with food allergies. With the food
allergy drops, basically, they contain small amounts of what the person’s
allergic to. For really severe food allergies, we have to start at extremely
small amounts, even into the microgram range, and then as they gain tolerance we
gradually give them more and more with the hope that eventually they will be
able to tolerate it in their diet. For more than 40 years, Allergy Associates of
La Crosse has provided effective, innovative, allergy treatment.

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  1. Anyone who even suspects allergies, I advise you to go here. I went for a few years 20 years ago. They cured me. I was so sick and had asthma so bad. I know I would have ended up dying if I hadn't gone here!

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