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Hey guys. Lulu Toshio From Where’s Lulu Dot com What disabilities do I have to have to get
medical marijuana? It varies by state. You need to have chronic
pain OK. Glaucoma Glaucoma is a popular one Cancer. If you have cerebral palsy and you
have, like, spasms. That was my spasm dance. Nothing psychological will make you eligible,
at least in Oregon. I know in California, where you’re from, you knew people who got
them Oh yeah for crazy easy reasons, like getting braces.
I mean personally, I’m all for it Why not Let’s get off the heavy prescriptions by greedy
billionaire pharmaceutical companies and smoke weed I don’t a have a problem with that at all Say I were to sit in your wheelchair for an
entire day, at the end of those twenty-four hours, am I going to be any more knowledgeable
about, like, what the disabled experience is? Well, where am I during those twenty-four
hours? Actually there’s a lot of empirical data that says that people who engage in these,
what they call simulation exercises, end up coming out of there with even more negative
attitudes about disability than they do prior. Even though I think the intention is very,
um, I mean it’s a good, it’s like let’s learn. Right Let’s learn about each other Let’s talk about something that, you know,
we don’t think about on a daily basis Yeah, which makes sense, it’s like, of course,
let’s raise awareness. However, it does end up, a lot of times, causing people to be,
like, oh, that sucks. When most disabled people are like, as long as I can do what I want
to do, it’s fine. And just sitting in a wheelchair and going around your block, you have no idea
what it’s like. Just because I wear a tie and pants, doesn’t mean I know what it’s like
to be a dude. You’re not dealing with the daily ins and outs, and you’re not dealing
with trying to find a job, you’re not dealing with finding accessible housing…trying to
go out on a blind date, excuse the term Right But maybe, it could have a positive effect
if you’ve never thought of it, and you’ve been able-bodied, and it’s a new experience,
I mean, maybe, but does it make you an expert? No My brother with CP, a.k.a. cerebral palsy Oh, OK Acronym of the day. He’s a virgin, should
I get him a prostitute? To, you know, alleve this Pop that cherry virginity problem. How do you know that your
brother is still a virgin? How old is he? I know. Are we talking about a six year old? I know. Then no. We’re all for weed and sex workers
here at Where’s Lulu That’s true All for it. However, it seems like there’s
an inherent, weird kind of bias within that question Like because he has CP, he’s never going to
get laid Yeah, because he has CP, he has to go to a
prostitute, like no one would find him attractive enough Right. Chew on that one Yeah chew on that one for a minute. Certainly not without consulting
your brother. If your brother wants you to go pursue a sex worker, then Do it Yeah, help a brother out. Otherwise, I think
you need to Mind your own beeswax. Knuck if you buck Boy. Soak it in, soak it in

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