Active With Asthma

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– Staying on the move is fun
and an important part of living a healthy life but it can
be hard to do that when you got something that’s slowing
you down, so let’s meet a woman who’s working with her doctors
to make sure nothing gets in the way of her adventures. Jamie Herget has always
loved being on the move. – Just kind of always been
apart of my life, I was always outdoors as a kid, I grew up
in the country so the outdoors was just second nature to me, played soccer for
just a couple years. – [Narrator] But in grade
school she found herself struggling to breathe
when playing sports. – I was playing soccer in
the junior league in our home town and I could not catch my
breath and I kind of felt a tightness in my chest, it was
really scary when I didn’t know what it was. – [Narrator] Jamie’s parent’s
took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed
with asthma. – Hi, good to see you. – Asthma is a chronic or
long term for lung disease it is characterized by
swelling or inflammation of the lungs, asthma is more
of an obstructive lung disease meaning there’s difficulty
getting air out, so you may get either wheezing, coughing,
chest tightness or shortness of breath in response to
substances that you breathe in. The symptoms can be
variable, meaning sometimes you may feel perfectly fine. – Certain points in the year,
is when it’s worse and that’s usually fall and spring and
that flux in temperature is what kinda triggers
my asthma seasonally. – So knowledge is power,
understanding either triggers if you have and how to
manage those is essential. – [Narrator] The first
step to helping Jamie manage was to arm her
with two sets of inhalers, the first medication
for daily use. – Nice deep breath
in, exhale all. Mainstay or what we call controller medication that’s
inhaled for asthma is an inhaled steroid, and again
that’s to decrease that swelling or inflammation in the airways. – [Narrator] The second
medication acts quickly in case of a sudden flare up. – My emergency inhaler I
always carry with me, you just never know, what can all
of a sudden trigger you. – So it is important to
always have short acting or reliever inhaler with you
so then if you do then have symptoms that can be
treated right away, knowing ahead of time activities that can bring it
on may cause someone to use short acting
or what we call a reliever inhaler
ahead of that activity. – [Narrator] Jamie
says the other part of managing is allowing herself breaks when she needs them. – Anytime I start to feel
my symptoms of a shortness of breath, I can’t catch my
breath, I can’t get a deep enough breath and that
tightness in the chest area, that’s when I know to either
just slow my pace or stop and just literally
take a breath. – To all folks with asthma
living really full lives being aware of the symptoms,
environment triggers but not limited by them. – [Narrator] That’s
a mentally that Jamie has taken to heart. – I’m not gonna let my asthma
stop me, I know my symptoms I know myself, I try to stay
on top of it and I just do the best I can with
what I want to do. – So while there is no cure, the treatments are to help folks manage and live a very life,
again be active and hopefully not be limited by their asthma. – I always just want to stay
on top of my asthma ’cause I do, the outdoors draw me
out, if I can say that and it just really nice
to be out there. I definitely feel I’m
in control of health.

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