Acupressure Points for Asthma: Breathe a Sigh of Relief

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hey friend chances are you or a family
member is suffering from asthma am i right it’s a condition that is on the
rise in this country for a variety of reasons and were caught in this vicious
cycle of medicating to control attacks with drugs that are actually making us
sicker so in this video I’m going to show you some key a key pressure points
that serve as a long-term approach to wellness they’ll help you get a breather
so to speak from cycles of illness and will actively support your respiratory
health I’m brandy Falcon owner of Falcon Healing Arts and I’m on here every
Friday offering you holistic self-care advice and providing you with solutions
for modern health challenges like asthma so if this is exciting to you go ahead
and subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell so that you don’t
miss any of my future videos now I am NOT a medical doctor and this
information is not serving as medical advice to cure asthma however this
information is hopefully going to empower you with natural tools that have
been used in homes over thousands of years it’s my hope that you’ll feel more
capable as you use these tools to improve your health and then you’ll have
the confidence to talk to your doctor or to find one who is supportive in
integrative health care and this is important because asthma is one of the
conditions that is not getting better with Western medicine alone an
integrative approach is key and your doctor should be willing to help you
release your dependency on medications so I’ve already written a blog post
about how Chinese medicine can help with asthma and you can check that out in the
description below I talked about the issues with asthma medications and
provides you with a lot of research about how acupuncture and herbs can help
now it’s important that you’re working with
chinese medicine practitioner but they will tell you that there is a lot of
work you need to be doing at home you need to be avoiding processed food
omitting sugar and inflammatory foods from your diet supporting your gut
health with fermented foods and probiotics being compliant with herbal
prescriptions and then doing acupressure on yourself is going to be awesome in
expediting the results and can provide great relief with asthma attacks and
helps to bolster your respiratory health so I’m going to use my son Shea as my
model today to show you these acupressure points but before we get
started I would love to know in the comments if you’re willing to share let
me know if you or a close family member is suffering from asthma and if you have
tried or are interested in trying a natural remedy I wish you the very best
with health and happiness alright so we’re gonna do acupressure on
Shea and line cool here all you need is your hands we’re going to be round
rubbing doing this action with our thumbs or our fingertips so that’s
really all you need is your hands you can use essential oils two on each of
the acupoints which will enhance the treatment making it even more effective
so I’m going to be using frankincense on shea and this is a doTERRA touch roller
so it’s already diluted and with it diluted in fractionated coconut oil it’s
going to stay on the skin that longer and that allows for a greater time for
the essential oils to penetrate into the skin and into the bloodstream and and
then for this treatment in particular for asthma the breathe doTERRA blend
would be a really great one to use as well so this has a lot of essential oils
in it that open the Airways would calm any coughing and support respiratory
health and if you’re using an oil concentrated
then you’ll just put a few drops in a dish with a dollop of carrier oil and
we’re not going to be using that much for the treatment so really just just a
dollop about a teaspoon would be useful okay can you sit up and we’re gonna work
on the front of your body first so let’s turn your legs to face the camera so
usually with asthma there’s a deficiency of lung and kidney Qi and using
acupressure can help to tonify these acupressure points along the lung and
kidney meridians and also boost up the health of the Qi and blood in the organs
we also get that energy from food and nutrition so these most of these points
are going to be again for the lung and kidney meridians the first two that
we’re going to work with are lung one and lung two so these are on the inside
of the shoulder you’ll find the collarbone and the shoulder and then
right there in that dimple of that Junction is lung two and right below it
in front of the shoulder is lung one and so you could hold both of these at the
same time and when you’re doing acupressure on kids for young kids maybe
thirty seconds would be fine just holding or again round rubbing with your
hands and I forgot to put the essential oil on so I’m using frankincense here on
my fingers so again put on lung one and lung two so for young kids again thirty
seconds may be appropriate and then the older the child or even for adults we
would hold up to about a minute and a half so Shay is ten years old I’m going
to hold it for about a minute and a half here while I keep talking we won’t do
this for all the points and of course you could be doing the
on the other side too if I were to get behind him I could do both points at the
same time and the child can be reading a book or doing something else to keep
their attention as you’re holding here so you could also stimulate these points
with a hug bringing your arms underneath them and then the base of your thumb can
rest on these two points here and then you push the child into your body this
is if you’re working on kids so if you’re doing this on yourself of course you’ll
need to do just one side at a time and your first two fingers can slide into
those two points lung one and lung two here again holding for about 90 seconds
for adults round rubbing or using essential oils on the fingers which then
get on the points here so I’m going to go a little quicker through the other
points now so we did two there’s eight more I want to cover and you don’t need
to do all ten of them but it’s nice to have these in mind if you do have time
to do the whole treatment so on the chest at the sternum as you go down from
the sternal notch here you’ll feel a little bump right below the bump there’s
an indentation and then you’re going to go over to the side so the point is in
between the midpoint of the sternum here and the nipple so right inside there
which is about here we’re inside the second intercostal space and this is
kidney 25 so there’s a point on either side that you can hold and round rub and then you can go down two spaces to
intercostal spaces from kidney 25 and you’ll be at kidney 23 so you could do
this on both sides and then going down from the center down a few ribs is run
17 and again you can hold here and round rub so all of these points on the chest
will help with wheezing coughing help break up mucus and calm spasms all right
now we’re going to work with the points on the back of the body so this lung
point is inside the top part of the shoulder blade here the little pointy
part inside the shoulder blade so this is level with the third thoracic
vertebra and then right in between the vertebra and this shoulder point is
urinary bladder 13 so this is the lung point on the urinary bladder channel and
you could hold those two points round rubbing then we’ll come down to the
lower back I’m just going to put the essential oils all over this area around
the kidneys and we’re the floating ribs are that’s about even with the second
lumbar vertebra and this is where urinary bladder 23 is and this is the
kidney point on the channel and we can round rub here and now we’re
some distal points so away from the lungs and we’re gonna work on the feet
ml leg so the first point here is stomach 40 and it’s in between the ankle
and the knee crease so you go about halfway and then to the side of the shin
so about two fingers away you’ll feel a little indentation and that is stomach
40 and this point helps break up phlegm and then we’re going to do kidney 3
which is right inside of the ankle so feel the ankle point and then you move
out toward the heel and the point is right in between in that indentation
there and then the final point we’re going to do here is lung 9 which helps
to tonify the lungs so fYI the lung channel starts from the lungs and moves
out so remember lung 1 & 2 are here and it
moves out through the inside of the arm stroking the arm 2 is really beneficial
there are great points along the way here but this point lung 9 is the most
powerful for tonifying the lungs so it’s right inside of the wrist just below the
bone there and we’re going to round up so acupuncture and home acupressure can
help with a variety of conditions besides asthma and I’m most interested
in helping people to manage stress in particular since this is the root cause
of many health challenges you can grab my stress relieving acupressure guide in
the description below and in that guide I show you my six favorite acupressure
points to relieve tension Nana your stress and help you sleep much
deeper at night let me know if you’re enjoying these videos by giving them a
thumbs up commenting and sharing with your friends and be sure to check out
these other two videos that will help support your respiratory health jelly
nutty is nasal rinsing this is one of the very first videos I did and then you
can check out the other video on how to bolster your immunity naturally I wish
you the very best with health and happiness

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