Acupressure points for coughing – Massage Monday #199

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Hi everyone. This is Yasuko and it’s time
for Massage Monday. This week I’m going to show you three acupressure
points for coughing. I rarely get sick but I recently caught a nasty cold when I attended
a big seminar with 500 people for four days. I guess my body and mind couldn’t handle all
kinds of energy and the room was super cold too. The first one is CV 22 between the clavicles right
above the sternum or the breast bone. Press this point gently with your finger. And kind
of curl your finger so you’re trying to press the back of the breast bone. You should feel
something that’s stuck in your throat but not chocking. Do not press straight into your
trachea because you’ll choking yourself. Press this point up to 1 minute or until your coughing
sensation subsides or you feel your throat is opening up. The second point is LU 5 on the elbow crease. When
you slightly bend your elbow, you feel a big tendon in the middle. Right next to it is
a big depression kind of right in the middle of your elbow crease on thumb side. That’s
another point. Press this point with your thumb with the other fingers wrapped around
the elbow for support. Press this point pretty deeply up to one minute as you breathe deeply.
If you have a long finger nail, this will hurt so if that’s the case, use a tool such
as the back of a pencil which is pointy with a soft tip at the end. Use that to press. The third point is LU 8 on the inner wrist crease.
Follow your thumb to the wrist and there is depression where you can feel your pulses.
So that’s the point. Press this point for up to one minute as you breathe deeply. Besides
alleviating coughing and sore throat, this point is also good for getting rid of phlegm. I hope this is helpful. Thanks for watching.
I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week and please don’t forget to subscribe.

47 thoughts on “Acupressure points for coughing – Massage Monday #199

  1. Thank you Ms. Yasuko! Unfortunately I can't try the second or third points because I have venephobia, a fear of veins. I am scared to death and feel sick whenever I look at veins, touch veins, or have mine touched. I will try the first one though if I get sick!

  2. Hi Yasuko ! Nice video !  do you know any effective points to clear the phlegm in the throat and post nasal cavity. Thank you !

  3. Dear Yasuko, thak you very much for this video. Could you please tell me the alternative use of the third point? I could not hear it very clearly.Thank you.

  4. How long do you do it on each foot and is it also the arms and palms if your hands or just your feet my baby is 5 year's old thank you

  5. thank you so much for this. I hate to spend just to visit the doctor for chemicals. Mom is into reflexology and I've learned many things from her.

  6. Compliments and ThankYou
    Phlegm settled on my voice box Was losing my voice
    Tried many recommendations from you tube
    Only the moment i tried your recommendation, it worked like a Miracle, Thank GOD.

  7. Hi I'm new to acupressure. does this work on both arms or just the right? Thank you for uploading these videos

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  9. My mom is feeling bothersome cough she is not able to lie down on the bed repeated cough she is facing sleepless nights.

  10. thank goodness! this worked.. my 9 yr old son's coughing almost every min, & after applying ur technique almost instantaneously i no longer hear him cough. ty!

  11. It's not working for me, perhaps because the tissues are badly eroded from the chronic cough I've been having for the past 2 days. Whenever I take a breath it irritates the throat and I can't help coughing.

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