Acupressure Spots for Allergies and Congestion

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Hi everyone, my name is Vanessa Ho, a licensed acupuncturist here at Healing with Zen in Pasadena. Today, I’m gonna be going over three really important acupressure points that you can press anytime and anywhere, or when you’re experiencing stuffy sinuses, a blocked nose, or any other symptoms that are related to seasonal allergies including headaches or congestion issues. So let’s get started! The first point that I’m going to go over is called UB2, urinary bladder 2- and that is right here in the middle of your eyebrows. You can use your thumb to press it on both sides. Just hold and press it for about five seconds each time for ten rounds and and breathe deeply when you’re pressing into the acupressure points. This helps tremendously for a lot of patients who are suffering from sinus headaches or any tension on the forehead due to blocked sinuses or congestion issues. The next point that I’m going to go over is called LI 20, LI 20 is large intestine 20. That’s at either end of the nasolabial groove (which is right here). You’re gonna just press down and hold it for about five seconds each and then release, doing it about ten times. This will really help with any stuffy nose issues that is so prevalent during this season. The last point that we’re going to go over is called stomach 2, and that’s located directly below your pupils on the infraorbital foramen right here. You’re gonna go ahead and press down again the same pattern as the other two points in order to improve any dry eyes, or any allergic symptoms that you’re experiencing such as itchy eyes or redness in the eyes. If you or anyone you know is suffering from dry skin or seasonal allergy symptoms and would like to get treated with a personalized consultation, come on in to Healing with Zen in Pasadena. Thank you.

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