Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma : Acupuncture for Allergies: Liver 5

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If a patient has allergies either runny nose,
itchy eyes or asthma, also they show a lot of dry symptoms. For instance, they have dry
eyes, they have dry skin, dry throat or blurred vision. In that condition we need to tonify,
strengthen the body fluids, provide more nourishing fluids. And blood is part of the body fluids.
And we can use the liver point because liver has the function to store the blood. So the
blood can nourish the joint, the skin and also provide the body fluids to just generates
other body fluids. So the liver point we can choose is called Liver 5. It’s on this tibial
bone. And we first locate the medial malleolus, the inside ankle bone and its five zone above
this tip of the bone and it’s exactly on the tibial bone, in the middle of the tibial bone.
And we could insert needles parallel the bone in .5 to 1 inches. That helps to generates
more blood to nourish the joint, the skin.

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