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So if the asthma is also connected with emotional
problems. And patients get depressed and also have the tightness of the chest. Difficult
to breathe. Or even, specifically they have the pain along the side of the ribs. We call
the hypochondriac area. And in this situation, we can choose the liver point. And so on the
back. This is the mid-line of the back. It’s called the Du Meridian. And then we, we draw
another line along the scapular border. And between this line, we draw a line in the middle.
So that’s the line, have a lot of points, there. And this liver point is called the
bladder 18. It’s located at 9th thoracic level. So you first locate the seventh thoracic vertebrae
and then you go two vertebrae down. And then you locate a point on the line between the
mid-line and the scapular line. And that’s the bladder 18. And we can insert needles
obliquely with the forty five degrees angle. And go to 0.8 inches.

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