Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma : Allergy Treatments: Diet

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How we treat the root cause of the allergies.
First I want to talk about how we change our food, our lifestyle. In Chinese medicine certain
kinds of foods can stimulate the body to produce a lot of phlegm and the phlegm condition can
aggravate the asthma, difficult to breathe. So we need to find what kind of food can cause
phlegm. The spicy foods can dry up the body fluid producing an internal heat and that’s
one of the foods that can produce phlegm. And also salty, extremely salty foods, sweet
food can also produce a lot of phlegm. So when you have the phlegm in the trachea then
you can narrow down the trachea and that will aggravate asthma condition. You can do a little
bit, a little experiment so you can eat a lot of chocolate but not drink enough water
and instantly you’ll feel a lot of phlegm accumulating in the throat. That’s one experiment.
The other one is you go to a restaurant and usually the food are very salty and you eat
a lot of restaurant food but you don’t have the room for drinking water then after you
get home you can find you have swelling ankles then also feel the phlegm in the throat.

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