Addressing Asthma with Allergy Drops

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

My name is Kaycee and I started coming here when I was thirteen. My whole life I had horrible asthma and allergies and it was controlling me more than I was controlling it. I had had several really bad asthma attacks. When I was a kid, I thought everybody had watery eyes and runny nose and everything. I just thought everyone was like that. They figured out I had asthma and allergies. So we came here and within the first few months of getting drops and treatment my quality of life turned around drastically. Throughout the past ten years, it’s only gotten better and better. Now I can do the things I love and not have to worry about being sick all the time of being scared I’m going to have an attack or something. All the staff and doctors here are really good. They listen to you and don’t just give you something that you’ve tried five times before, or test you for things. They just help you get treatment for your allergies and asthma right away.

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