Administering A Nebulised Drug

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welcome to the clinical skills video for
administering and nebulised drug prior to performing this procedure on a
patient you must ensure that you’ve obtained
verbal consent explained to the patient about the procedure you about to perform
you must also inquire about any history of any adverse reactions or allergies to
the drugs that you may be about to administer must ensure that you then
wash your hands thoroughly in the 11 stage approach and then
assemble your equipment you will need a compressor or oxygen supply via a flow
meter on the wall tubing and nebuliser chamber a mouthpiece or mask and the
solution or drug that you are going to nebulise you may need to use a
mouthpiece and not a mask if your patient has a glaucoma as this can
exacerbate the condition you must check the prescription chart to ensure that
the appropriate drug has been prescribed to the appropriate patient and that you
have selected the correct solution for nebulisation check the expiry date and that the seal is intact on the drug you must then assemble your equipment you’ll now have a mask on mouthpiece
nebuliser chamber oxygen tubing unseal the solution container and the nebuliser
reservoir and fully empty the full solution that you are administering to
the patient and to the nebuliser chamber put the lid back on and then attach the
mask to the nebuliser chamber attach the oxygen tubing to the bottom of the
nebuliser chamber and then the other end either be connected to the compressor
unit that you’re using oxygen supply by the flow meter if
you’re using a compressor you obviously need to be plugged into the mains place
the mask over the patient’s face turn on the oxygen or the compressor and
then deliver between six to eight liters of oxygen ensure that the aerosol vapor
is being produced effectively and instruct your patient to breathe
normally and avoid talking while the treatment is taking a place document
appropriate on the prescription chart that the drug has been delivered and
periodically during the procedure check on the patient to ensure that they are
well sometimes you may need to tap slightly on the nebuliser maskers the
droplet of the vapour drilled rise at the top of the chamber once the nebuliser is
complete dispose of all equipment appropriately nebuliser masks and
chambers can be kept for up to 24 hours and reused and cleaned in between use
but for single patient use only ensure that patients welfare after the procedure in summary prepare the patient and
confirm their identity check for any allergies and adverse reactions wash
your hands assemble and prepare all equipment and
drugs ensuring an aseptic non-touch technique place the mask on the patient
turn on the compressor or the oxygen flow meter and if using an oxygen flow
me to ensure this is at 6 to 8ltr dispose of all equipment safely
complete any documentation in the patient’s notes

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