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  1. I so identify with how the toxic passive aggressive people wear you down and stress you out. How's this for a line, from a lady I had met only once before at a music festival. "Hey, good to see you again. Wow, you are a much nicer person when you're sober!"

  2. I have all the symptoms you mentioned, except high blood pressure. My bp has always been very low. Normal bp for me is 106/60. Does this mean I am not an adrenal body type?

  3. Dr. Berg – YOU ARE MY HERO! I watched a ton of your videos and you addressed ALL, as in 100%, of what my physical/health issues/complaints have been. I have a Dr, Do, Chrio, Endocrinologist and Naturopath. The Naturopath found out I have 2 gene defects for B12 (we have a work around with Methyl Factors) , Cancer treatment killed my thryoid and since menopause I have that cortisol belly and my nerves were about shot – being banned from stores and generally "losing" it when stressed. I about called a shrink thinking this must be mental until I started watching your videos. I started at 215 pounds at my DO docs office and it has been 16 days and I have lost 10 pounds. I do the ACV twice a day, dried wheat grass juice, Pink salt etc.. the works. I am OMAD. I monitored my blood sugar 6 times a day in the beginning and with lows too low, I started cutting my meds. In 4 days, I was and still am 100% off Metformin and Glipizide. While I would not suggest anyone just go off their meds without checking with the Endo or doc, I was in between insurance carriers in Jan/2019 and couldn't make that appt. I was bound and determined to make this work. The videos explain all the "WHY's" of how the body works. I only had a few days of my "normal feeling awful" and then a miracle happened. I feel like I did 20 years ago, with energy, a good mood and while I can feel the loss of strength in my muscles, I am able to walk now every other day 30 mins so this is major progress for me. I have experienced success so far I believe because I have followed ALL of your advice on your various videos. When I reach my goal weight around Sept I will let you know! 🙂

    Over 14-20 years of dealing with regular doctors, falling ever lower in health, I only found a solution with this new way of looking at how the body works and following the Moderate KETO+OMAD technique. Don't think I am ungrateful, modern medicine saved my life in the cancer battle but the aftereffects they left me to deal with alone~ THANK YOU DR. BERG!

  4. short story: guy never sick or absent from work ever. would always ask others if they were sick because… He would laugh and enjoyed telling people that they looked sick. The other employees decided to do it back to him. "Do you feel well because (something)." He spent his entire lunchtime in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. Went home, sick, after lunch. By dinner time, he died. True story.

  5. thank you! awesome video! It answered so many of my questions. So many of my issues are adrenal related! Thank you, Dr. Berg!

  6. Dr. Berg, your content is fantastic. I love how you are able to translate all that doctor speak into layman's, practical application, and concepts for understanding.

    Something that helped me w stress is Bompu zen. And understanding people through cognitive function depth psychology. A channel i follow recently is C.S. Joseph.
    Hes a bit insincere/sincere though so if passive aggressive ppl are still a trigger for you, (i recognize this video is 7 years ago) but still relevant.

    Thank you so much!! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the informations doc. Great eye opener. Also, often times you are speaking the language of homeopathic philosophy of health.
    Keep up the good work. Best wishes from India.

  8. I love you Dr Berg, you have just confirmed everything I have tried to tell doctors for years. Thank you, you are a gift 🙏🌹💕

  9. I did not get one point : with adrenal fatigue we lose sodium which lowers blood pressure , then why in stress our blood pressure rise up?

  10. Legend! I can relate to every point you make. Under severe stress and fear for five years due to a sociopath in my life. Visited GP due to fatigue and depression, constant urination night and day, constantly thirsty, weight gain, no energy to walk. They prescribed prozac and xanex. I got worse. I had a severe pain in my lower abdominal RHS, I thought it was my gallbladder. Doc referred me to get xray. Results came back negative. I then did my own research online, came across a thread of people speaking about similar symptoms and spoke of rehydrating with dioralite. I went straight to the pharmacy, started taking sachets every day. Overnight I was a new person. I had energy again, my body felt so light. So normal. The stomach pain went away, this was inflammation due to dehydration. Shame on our medical system. :((.

  11. Sooo…do not exercise but sleep? I don't believe that. Walking every day or just 3 times a week will burn that belly fat off no matter how old you are or obese. Walk people and watch your sugar and carb intake and you will be fine.

  12. I kinda disagree with this for elderly population ..their aged sensory system won’t sense fluids need as sensitive as Normal people

  13. Thank you for another great video! I learn so much every time. You’ve helped me understand what’s going on in my body. You’ve broken it down so the science behind it is understandable. 👍🏻

  14. I did NOT expect you to talk about passive aggressive people in this clip – this is my biggest annoyance also -_-

  15. Just now, this video, was life changing for me….it explains so much of what I have been unable to make sense of lately. THANK YOU, DR BERG! 💕

  16. If I’m adapted to being in keto, and I start eating to run on glycogen my cortisol levels will lower? So I’ll be less stressed?

  17. Wow. This is so so helpful and so thorough. Love what I am learning. Thank you so much and yes, I would rather do natural any day and heal my self without surgery as much as possible than go to a pharmacy. I was told I needed surgery since I tore my meniscus but I got a second opinion.. my opinion and did my own research and did knee exercises, made sure I warmed up my surrounding muscles legaments before stretching, watched my body mechanics and a yr later, still no surgery and feel good.

  18. 2 years ago, I watched a video by this Dr about Keto and lost weight, then our second child was born, my sleep was off, my gym routine went into the trash can and my old eating habits came back and for about a year I have been back to my original weight when I started. Now I want to get back on track and I know this guy is for real.

  19. God bless u man ure the best!
    He is the only person who Ive ever followed..I lost 35 lbs last year and maintained it fr 6 months even after moving to another country getting married n my life totally changing..now ive gained 10-15 lbs back but am back on the wagon now! In a couple of month Id be right where I started

  20. I noticed this too.. even for mental health
    Its all symptomatic treatment and adjustment. There is no preventative care.

  21. Also u should look into Ayurveda from Indian medical system.. its real healthcare system. A treatise of information on many herbs and food items sm things out of this have been potented by big pharma now.

  22. Omg. This explains so much. Thank you. I’m recovering from being seriously ill, and in process of eliminating negative people in my life inc some friends which is unfortunate but necessary for my health and change my diet. Though Byron Katie is helping me too.

  23. Love how Dr. Berg said "I'm very sensitive to energies" so that we can even be more aware of energies we sense around us every day and our choices we make to either calm us or stress us. Thank you Dr. Berg for helping us live our lives in a peaceful manner. For me, when I feel negative energy-my thoughts turn to a prayer or a mantra which is positive for my body and mind as well as my spirit.

  24. I love Dr. Berg’s advice. The problem is that organic food is expensive (ideally it shouldn’t be because it’s how produce, vegetables, and everything we consume were intended to be in their natural toxin-free state). It needs someone with a high income level to live off organic products exclusively. A big fat wallet.

  25. Dr. Berg, thank you. I appear daunting to a lot of people at work. My short fuse goes off with every mistake anyone makes….this makes so much sense.

  26. Awesome. Sent this video to my family, also bought some great adrenal support nutrients yesterday. I feel better actually which astounds me. My anxiety went from a 9 to a 4 in just a few hours. So few videos on adrenal stress / anxiety on YouTube, watched this one Bc it was one of the only ones on this topic. This doc nailed it.

  27. I'm LOVING the SARCASM.

    I notice there are African Americans there in the audience.
    That's awesome. They're LEARNING how they've been DUPED by the AMA, FDA, Social Welfare System.
    All the frying of meats, the boiling of vegetables in their cuisine.
    NO WONDER THERE'S AN OVERWEIGHT PROBLEM, an over prescription problem in the Black community.

    There's NO WAY IN HELL, that you can CONVINCE me that Government cheese, Govt bread, Govt milk, Govt pasta IS WHOLE FOOD.


    We the People want JOBS not WELFARE so we can buy our own food and not be handed out Govt welfare food DESIGNED TO KEEP US TIRED, STUPID, BROKE, WORN AND SICK.

  28. OMG like OMG! Doc. I wish you the longest most blessed life! This is my display of gratitude for all the info that you have been giving to the public. I am so very grateful to God for allowing me the opportunity to hear you today. You hit the nail on the head so hard! I was wondering why my legs were getting slimmer and my butt was seeking refuge on someone else's body! I understand! Thank you very much!👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

  29. I have had hbp since I had my third child, they said it would go away after having her, that was in 2011.. it's the same, plus now the pills are mixed for high potassium. & it is the top number is high too

  30. Dr Berg is the best Doctor I have seen thus far. A far better than my doctor even. I wish Dr Berg is my family doctor. Thank you Dr Berg. You are awesome and I have watched about 100 videos of yours so far. So about 2400 more videos to go. 🙂

  31. "Don't worry it gets worse….other than that your perfectly healthy"! Dr. Berg is hilarious, and truly I thank you for sharing this information. I'm addressing my gland issues and I'm seeing results in my overall health.

  32. I find it ironic that the Manager who caused me the most stress over the last year put on a crappy wellbeing event on at work.

  33. Thanks, Dr. B. I've been following you for a while and watched many of your videos past and present. Also read your books and have been really focusing on my nutrition. This truly is life-changing. I can't tell you how much better I feel from making simple changes… reducing my carbs and sugar. I have every sign of adrenal burnout, but what brought it home was how much I hate people and how irritable I am by stupid people.

  34. My whole life I've been overweight, and I'm 20 and just starting to finally lose weight, so whenever Dr. Berg says something like "how many of you could eat whatever you wanted when you were 18?" I feel like there's something horribly wrong with me lol

  35. Did he really just say Cancer takes over 20 years to develop in the body? Ummmmm, not to be rude but you are aware that CHILDREN have all sorts of Cancers, correct? I just can’t take a lot of what this guy says seriously. Too bad, I thought he had a few spins points but yet again he’s said something ridiculously untrue. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  36. Amazing!! This makes so much sense. I’ve been having so many issues and it’s just been getting worse. Now to fix it!

  37. yeah my doctor probably thinks I have non compliant treatment disorder because she throws meds at me and i won't take them because i read the small print. i just want to get healthy and rub it in her face how i did it.

  38. I literally started crying watching this. Everything he said is me and i am still so lost and confused. Maybe do a video for ppl who dont have the money for nutritionists and specialized Dr.s how does someone weed through so much information and make it work?

  39. This fascinating. I eat healthily and have suddenly gained a lot of weight. I'm doing fat burning exercise and moving more despite chronic fatigue. .. adrenals!!!

  40. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  41. When my pscychologist told me that I have high adrenalin I didnt believe her. After watching this video I was able to comprehend that that was true. Thats why I cant control my weight. Thats why I lost my concentration. Thank you Dr. Berg

  42. I'm all of the above…………..no sleep, high stress, no weight loss, brain fog, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic blood glucose, low HDL, allergies, asthma, 7-month keto stall…………….

  43. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), the main extracellular matrix (ECM) enzymes in collagen degradation, as a target for anticancer drugs . Can you do some research on a inhibator that will prevent Collagen brake down????

  44. I love this doctor, God bless you so you will be around for many more years, we are about the same age. I am not that smart, thou!

  45. I choose to rest my brain from thinking by walking every evening with listening to my favorites song. . I do it for at least 1 hour a day.

  46. Thankyou for laying it on the line. I am done with incompetent Doctors. Diligent internet research has changed so many lives for the better. Thankyou for being a game changer Dr. Berg!

  47. I was a foster child! That was stressful moving from place to place! Started gaining wieght at 8.they called it cubby back then,but in high school it really got worse and by the end of 12 th grade I weighed 179!

  48. I eat 7 cups of veggies a day and have for a while. Carrots, cucumber, kale, endive, chicory, broccoli, capsicum, tomatoes, sauerkraut, lettuce, rocket, ridiccio, pumpkin; I'm not keto, but I eat low carbs. I'll eat 1/3 cup of quinoa or one slice of sprouted bread or pumpkin as normal meals. I still want to have an almond milk hot chocolate, or chocolate. Why am I still craving sweet?

  49. This was spiritual for me because I kept suspecting that this might be my issue and I really have been praying about it because I feel at complete odds with my body and a servant of the Lord came to me and gave me a word (someone who knows nothing about my personal business) and he said to me "Lola you're so stressed out that your body is just puffing up". He said "you don't understand because you don't eat much, but your body's response to stress is to puff up with weight"…he went on to say that "as you become happier and the stress levels decrease the weight is going to begin to fall off in such a way that your body will be unrecognizable and you'll see your true body shape for the first time". Thank you Jesus! This was such a further confirmation for me.

  50. Thanks for this Dr.Eric …I'm following your advice…my naturalpracticianer diagnosed me…my intuition told me first…. I've got myself off the coffee and I'm going to keep on doing what I have to do to be healthy…at 57 I know I don't want to feel like this at 58!! Keep on doing what you do best!! You are much appreciated!! 👏👏👏🙋‍♀️😃

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