Adrenalin Dolu Dağ Kızağı Eğlencesi | Antalya Park Orman

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We’re going too fast, friends. It’s the first time. We’re going really fast, fellas. Now, let’s go. Let’s see what is going to happen ? Today, we’re going to travel with a mountain sleigh. I’m gonna ride the River Mountain sled. We won’t be able to shoot Deniz with the camera. Where are you going ? I don’t know far away Ll see. Bye bye … We got on the mountain sled. We said we had to go crazy, and we got on the mountain sled. With the help of the rope we go up up. Is not it ? To confess, I’m getting on the mountain sled for the first time. We’re in a great place. This is Antalya Kepez. Let’s see, fun with the mountain sled We’re going to make an adrenaline ride. We’re crossing the bridge. Are you scared? No, you don’t have to freak. Speeding up Yes, friends, I saw Deniz. Now it will be more fun. We climbed pretty high. We climbed too high. Friends. Let the fun begin 🙂 Great Great. Great. We’re going too fast. For the first time, we boarded the mountain sled. We’re going really fast. She’s never scared of the river. That was so fun 🙂 We’re on this mountain sled. We’re on the mountain sled. I had so much fun. I love to go fast 🙂 We couldn’t shoot the sea, but he got on the mountain sled in the sea. Yes I also got on the mountain sleigh. I boarded the river with. Rode apart. You climb too high. You’re going down. You’re climbing up high. You go down quickly. It’s really fun. I had so much fun. Yes, the river is not afraid at all. Very courageous He’s very brave like Umut Tekin Don’t be afraid we are friends 🙂 Umut TEKİN family is not afraid 🙂 Is this our motto? Contact Umut directly His parents never fear 🙂 Like our video, friends. We’re doing a lot of work. Now you like our video. Take a good look at yourself.

76 thoughts on “Adrenalin Dolu Dağ Kızağı Eğlencesi | Antalya Park Orman

  1. Bonsoir UMUT
    Bel amusement , excellent pour la jeunesse s'amuser ! belle création !
    Je vous souhaite une belle soirée et toutes mes amitiés

  2. Wow, it's so cool … I played one time in Disneyland but i scared, look at the little girl … she had a-lot fun 😍😍😍

  3. Круто друзья 💕💕💝💚❤️👍👍👍👍👍 вы огромные молодцы друзья

  4. Deniz ve Nehir sizde ki cesaret bende hiç olmadı nedense ben aslaaaa binmem aslaaa siz SÜPERSİNİZ PRENSESLER kimin kızları demi âmâ 👍👏🌹

  5. merhaba çok guzel video , baya adrenalin var 😊 izleyerek zili açip uye oldum lutfen siz de izleyerek zili açip bana uye olarak destek olurmusunuz? çok teşekkur ederim 😊😊

  6. Allah seni nazardan korusun kuzum. Ne kadar tatlısın. Ömür boyu mutlu ol. Bahtın da senin gibi güzel olur inşallah.

  7. That's really nice dear. Great video… Beautiful presentation.i impressed your video.i fell im love with your video.i regularly see your tutorials .👌👌👌👌

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